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Moshe 02.03.2009 05:39 AM

Happy Birthday Lee!
Keep on rocking!


_slavo_ 02.03.2009 05:45 AM

Happy birthday, Lee.

atsonicpark 02.03.2009 05:46 AM


Thank you for being the soul of SY. A true guitar wizard/genius/whatever. Extremely inspirational to me (and most everybody here, especially the ones that play music), and I hope around MY birthday this year, I am holding a copy of your next solo work!

blunderbuss 02.03.2009 05:47 AM


Originally Posted by Moshe
Keep on rocking!

Yeah, and keep on drifting too!

nicfit 02.03.2009 05:54 AM


Happy birthday!

ZEROpumpkins 02.03.2009 06:00 AM

Happy birthday, man!

stu666 02.03.2009 06:04 AM

Happy Birthday dude!

repeater 02.03.2009 06:24 AM

Happy Happy Joy Joy

sonic sphere 02.03.2009 07:44 AM

happy birthday

HECKLER SPRAY 02.03.2009 08:04 AM


Happy birthday Lee !!! You're my hero !!


al shabbray 02.03.2009 08:30 AM

wish you the best. just stay as inspirational as you are.
your work means a lot to me, too much to mention to be accurate here.
happy birthday


pantophobia 02.03.2009 08:36 AM

happy birthday Lee


mil_pl 02.03.2009 08:38 AM

how old is he now?

jennthebenn 02.03.2009 08:46 AM


Happy 53rd.



Rob Instigator 02.03.2009 09:49 AM

Happy Birthday LEE!!!

[Sandbag] 02.03.2009 09:53 AM

Happy birthday Lee...
you and your friends changed my life.

have a good 'un

Antagon 02.03.2009 10:13 AM

Happy birthday dude! Rock on

Palmer Eldritch 02.03.2009 11:31 AM

Happy Birthday captain

neptuneg 02.03.2009 11:38 AM

happy birthday, Lee!

nancykitten 02.03.2009 12:08 PM


Happy birthday!

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