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dylan_nyoukis 07.04.2008 08:56 AM

thurston at COLOUR OUT OF SPACE FEST brighton


Jef Mertens 07.04.2008 09:44 AM

That line-up looks killer!!!

Everyneurotic 07.04.2008 09:54 AM

it does.

krastian 07.04.2008 10:07 AM

Sweet skull too.

whorefrost 07.04.2008 10:34 AM

I'm there.

This Is Not Here 07.04.2008 11:19 AM

Oh flying FUCK I'm at another festival that weekend. Shit!

This Is Not Here 07.04.2008 11:23 AM

Is there any way of finding out what night Thurston's playing?

dylan_nyoukis 07.04.2008 12:18 PM


Originally Posted by This Is Not Here
Is there any way of finding out what night Thurston's playing?

schedule should be sorted out next week and i will post it here, baby

This Is Not Here 07.04.2008 12:28 PM

Cool!!, make sure it's Sunday night he plays if...... you can...?

toxic johnny 07.04.2008 02:47 PM

I'm so there... !!!

This Is Not Here 07.04.2008 03:00 PM

I'll try try try to be there. It'll mean ditching the last night of Bestival on the Isle of Wight, Underworld or Thurston? Theres no competition.

blunderbuss 07.09.2008 04:05 AM

I kind of want to go to this, except that Noise is so not my scene. However, I have confidence that Mr N is going to be quite discerning in what he programmes, so I might take a risk and go. I'll be the one at the back, covering his ears, and possibly crying.

dylan_nyoukis 07.09.2008 10:30 AM

the whole weekend is WAY MORE than just a 'noise' fest,, ton of different stuff, sound poetry, musique concrete, field recordings, free jazz, minuscule improv, bunch of weirdo tape manipulation shit, all kinds of 'experimental' stuff,, nothing i would describe as harsh noise. I would recommend you take note of some of the artists playing and just go sniff out some of their work on the interweb, you will get the idea.
plus there is always the garden and the bar!!!

dylan_nyoukis 07.09.2008 10:31 AM

stoked to add biggi vinkeloe and sami pekkola to the bill, performing as a trio with paul hession.. hold on to your brain!

also rat bastard will be flying in from Miami to perform a solo guitar wailing set, hold on to yr ears, and i will hold onto my liver!!

greenlight 07.10.2008 05:38 AM

wow. i might go.

MellySingsDoom 07.10.2008 06:41 AM

I'm very tempted to go along to this for the whole weekend. 3 days in Brighton would be cool as well.

stu666 07.10.2008 10:54 AM

this looks great, i'm gonna try and go too

blunderbuss 07.25.2008 04:58 AM

Okay, I've decided. Where do I sign up?

AKA - Where do I get tickets?

dylan_nyoukis 07.28.2008 04:28 AM

ticket details will be up on the website this week (hopefully tomorrow)
meantime here is the schedule


Aaron Dilloway
Pee Ess Eye
Leslie Keffer
Gastric Female Reflex
Core Ogg: The Coalman
Rat Bastard

& in the garden

Reines D'Angleterre
Vibra Cathedral Orchestra
Charlie Draheim
Mark Drgan

& in the garden
In Camera & Limpe Fuchs (trio)
Limpe Fuchs (solo)
In Camera (duo)

afternoon Toy Orchestra Workshop with Sharon Gal
Bruce mcclure performance

Pigs In The Ground
Dave Phillips & G*Park
Black to Comm

& in the garden
Koichi Makigami
Weirding Vessel

afternoon panel discussion with Byron Coley
& experimental film programme

dylan_nyoukis 07.30.2008 01:42 AM

details of how/where to buy tickets can now be found on the website

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