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Torn Curtain 03.16.2008 02:01 PM

Purelivegigs / Zomb / Thetrader'sden torrent announcements
I thought it would a good idea to make a thread for good torrents on purelivegigs so here it is.

Torrents die pretty fast on PLG so grab them as soon as you can if you're interested.

Radiohead - Amnesiac / Kid A - DVD Live - 28.04.01
by lukeinsella

Jeff Buckley, St Ann's Church, NYC '91 (Tim Buckley covers)
by gmudos (it's actually my files that I seeded a few years ago on the Jeff
Buckley DC++ lossless hub :D).

Neil Young / 1971 / BBC In Concert / PAL DVD
by joefish

PJ Harvey - 'From The Basement' Pro PAL DVD
by PontiacB

nicfit 03.16.2008 02:07 PM

uuuuuh, I have a LOVE-HATE thing going on wih PLG... I'd gladly snatch those pj and RH shows, hope they'll survive till I finish setting up properly my hds...
nice idea, btw! these kinds of infos/heads up are always welcome!

stu666 03.16.2008 02:23 PM

good idea Torn, i thought about starting a thread for Zomb but i suppose most of the Zomb torrents are reseeds from dime or fucking Smashing Pumpkins, and what about TTD and other torrent sites where should these be posted?

anyway i'll try to help out with this thread aswell, allthough i'm sure you'll keep us all informed :D

stu666 03.16.2008 02:28 PM

Yeah Yeah Yeah's/July 2006/Triple J Studios/PALDvD by pixiesrock

Torn Curtain 03.16.2008 04:13 PM


Originally Posted by stu666
what about TTD and other torrent sites where should these be posted?

Good question, making a thread for every torrent site might not be convenient (at first I hesitated to use the dimeadozen thread for the PLG torrents). Maybe I should rename this thread to include Zomb, TTD, and other websites' torrents ?

Torn Curtain 03.16.2008 05:22 PM

Torrents that are still alive:

radiohead 2008-01-16 London DVD PAL
by streetspirit

Radiohead Later.. with Jools Holland compilation DVD
by Rnow

Radiohead Glastonbury & Belfort 2003
by britbomber

Smashing Pumpkins Live in Tour 1993.avi
by pacchione

Cream - 1967-1968 Video Anthology - NTSC DVD
by Swisher67

SONIC YOUTH - Electric factory 18/10/95 DVD
by lethrneck4

Glastonbury 07 DVD Arcade Fire / Bat For Lashes / Björk
by joefish

Seven Ages of Rock 3 - Blank Generation
by joefish

Blonde Redhead / 08.15.04 / La Route du Rock, St Malo, France / DVD PAL
by arsen2f

Tom Waits 1999-03-20 Paramount Theatre Austin TX DSBD
by honk

Joy Division/Here are the Young Men/Various Dates/DVD NTSC
by ToMakeEndsMeet

Nirvana 1992-08-30.flacf soundboard
by zipty6

Pixies - Brixton Academy, London (1991-06-26) PAL Pro-Shot
by einzack

PJ Harvey Talks With Dave Fanning 10th January 2008 PAL DVD
by PontiacB

MY BLOODY VALENTINE - Creation Records video promos and interviews - DVD NTSC
by lethrneck4

stu666 03.18.2008 02:32 AM

Fugazi 1995-04-05 Irving Plaza, New York City, NY, US [SBD] by jw603

(on Zomb)

stu666 03.19.2008 02:42 AM

these 2 are from TTD

shellac 2004-12-02 maida vale studios (FLAC) by monoaural

Rolling Stones 1973-xx-xx Bedspring Symphony (FLAC) by huejazz

Torn Curtain 03.19.2008 05:14 AM

I tried to rename the thread but it doesn't work :(

Torn Curtain 03.19.2008 06:20 AM

Jeff Buckley 1995-07-15 Correggio, Italy (PAL)

EDIT: very poor quality :( I have a much better quality version but unfortunately in MP4.

Torn Curtain 03.20.2008 10:08 AM

The Velvet Underground - April 27, 1986 - South Bank Show - NTSC DVD
by Swisher67

Neil Young xxxx-xx-xx Rare Clips Vol's 1 & 2 (NTSC)

by marksg

Talking Heads 1980-12-xx Rome, Italy (PAL)

by Elcap102

REM 1985-10-02 Bochum, Germany (PAL) Pro-shot
by RoryGallagher

Neil Young 1970s Tonight's The Night - different album version - Acetate (1973-74) (FLAC)
by quadrophenia

The Stooges, Sonic Youth, Von Bondies 2003-08-25 DTE Music Theater, Clarkston MI (16-bit) (FLAC)
by ellaguru

Torn Curtain 03.22.2008 11:15 AM

Alive again on PLG:
PJ Harvey 1995 03 NARM conference, San Diego (DVD)
by Luthien

Dinosaur Jr. 2007-08-14 Paredes de Coura, Portugal (PAL)
by Lawn Wrangler

Nirvana 1993-12-30 Inglewood, CA (DVD9) (NTSC)
by satur9ine

Metallica - The Last Gig 1986-09-26 [2LP Source] (SHN)
by BMR

Rolling Stones 1973-xx-xx Bedspring Symphony (FLAC) SBD
by huejazz

The Beach Boys 1960s SMiLE - a stereo reconstruction by Purple Chick (FLAC)
by darling

stu666 03.25.2008 11:47 AM

on TTD:

The Rolling Stones 1972-06-03 Vancouver '72 Idol Mind (FLAC) by wilcoson

Rolling Stones 1975-06-27 Hold on Tight MSG NYC [3 Disc Set] (FLAC) by huejazz

stu666 03.27.2008 02:30 AM


Sun Ra Arkestra 1975-01-30 Smiling Dog Saloon (FM) (FLAC) by maggie7

Sun Ra and the Omniverse Arkestra 1979-11-24 "Spaceships at Soundscape" NYC (FLAC) by maggie7

Torn Curtain 03.27.2008 04:52 PM


Prince 1987-xx-xx Sign Of The Times Live (SAB 110-112) (FLAC)
by markusw

Shellac 2007-05-xx Bataclan, Paris FRA (FLAC)
by monoaural

Jimi Hendrix 1968-1970 Acoustic Jams (FLAC)
by Paul56

Lou Reed 1974-11-08 'Vicious is the Night' - Chalmette, LA ( FREEZER ) - reseed (FLAC)
by direwolf-pgh

Neil Young 2007-12-12 New York, NY (NTSC)
by marksg

Pink Floyd 1968 - 1969 French TV (PAL)
by 4syd

stu666 03.29.2008 07:38 AM


Folk Implosion 1997-04-11 Luxor, Cologne, DE [MATRIX] by jw603

stu666 03.30.2008 06:02 AM


this looks excellent
Rolling Stones 1972-05-21 Montreux, Switzerland (PAL) by schmoe75

Rolling Stones 1975-07-13 Who Went To Church This Sunday (SHN) by huejazz

Nirvana 1989-10-11 Denver, CO (NTSC) by satur9ine


Folk Implosion 2001-04-24 Middle East, Cambridge, MA, US [AUD] by jw603

andrei 03.30.2008 07:06 AM

The Pirate Bay:

Patti Smith-Documentary ARTE Channel 1997 SVCD

Torn Curtain 03.31.2008 03:43 PM


The Doors - Jim's Alive (The Ultimate Seattle Tapes) RESEED 1970-06-05 Center Coliseum, Seattle (FLAC) (FIXED)
by Paul56

David Bowie xxxx-xx-xx liberated bootlegs: At the Beeb 1969-1972 (Archive Productions) & Rarest One Bowie (Dolphin BLCK-86008)
by buddhacat

Prince 1988-08-18 Small Club (Aftershow superb soundboard) (FLAC)
by Looney

Velvet Underground 1966-04-xx Scepter Studios, Norman Dolph Acetate (TheNomadicSoul's Cleaned Up Version) (FLAC) (RESEED)
by TheNomadicSoul

Pink Floyd xxxx-xx-xx Compilation '69-'72 (PAL)
by MOB

Nirvana 1994-02-04 Paris, France (PAL)
by satur9ine

Nirvana 1993-01-23 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (NTSC)
by satur9ine

Torn Curtain 04.03.2008 03:50 PM

Alive again on PLG:
PJ Harvey 1998-10-16 St. Malo France DVD PAL
by dalen

Gun Club 1984-10-19 Newcastle, England (PAL)

by Stevolende

John Lennon & Yok Ono 1971-06-05 New York, NY [w/ Zappa] (NTSC)

by RareMusicVid

John Lennon 1970-xx-xx It's Gonna Be Alright - Outtakes from the first solo album (Yellow Dog 2007) (FLAC)

by Quadrophrenia

EDIT: the right one was Prince & The Revolution 1984-12-31 Dallas, Reunion Arena (FLAC)

by mailletf123

Neil Young & Crazy Horse 1976-03-23 Pavillon de Paris - Paris, France - Master Tape (FLAC)
by jonohull

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