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guitarpro 03.31.2006 08:45 PM

Yr faveorite Thurston songs SY or solo
New Hampshire
Tom Violence
Teenage Riot
Psychic Hearts
Winters Blues
The World Looks Red
Ono Soul
Starfield Road
Junkies Promise
I Don't Wanna Push It
Dirty Boots
Renegade Princess
White Cross
Patti Smith Math Scratch
Radical Adults
She Is Not Alone
The Wonder

I could list more but I thought I'd leave some for you guys.

So what are yr's?

Oh and hey Thurston if you see this you rock man thankx for all the great sounds.

Neongod 03.31.2006 09:08 PM

Rain On Tin
Wildflower Soul
Winner's Blues

I'll stop there or else it will go on forever...

soapbars 03.31.2006 09:11 PM

no queen blues
expressway to yr skull
silver rocket

schizophrenicroom 03.31.2006 09:54 PM

white kross is pretty sweet too.

Bal 03.31.2006 09:57 PM

hey man
its winner's blues not winters blues haha..

Toxa 04.01.2006 04:43 AM

burning spear
dripping dream
peace attack
society is a hole
small flowers crack concrete
starfield road
chapel hill
titanium expose
queen bee and her pals
hang out
female cop

Hip Priest 04.01.2006 04:53 AM

A top three:

Rain on Tin
Burning Spear
Chapel Hill

Pink Steam (judging by that solo live thing - this is a nice song) and Sleeping Around (from the vid at the archives) also seem excellent.

Ignatius J.Reilly 04.01.2006 04:57 AM

tom v
the burning spear
the diamond sea
lydias moth

RdTv 04.01.2006 07:42 AM

in the spirit of Hip Priest, I'll give you my top three:
Winner's Blues
Peace Attack

toxic johnny 04.01.2006 10:22 AM

My top 5...
Green Light
She's In A Bad Mood
Satan Is Boring
Small Flowers Crack Concrete

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