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Iain 07.18.2006 06:22 PM

Kaoru Abe - solo 1.21.1972

finding nobody 07.19.2006 12:56 AM

edit- i cant force myself through it..

gmku 07.19.2006 08:25 AM

With many thanks to Pookie, I am listening to:


as well, also thanks to Pookie, an assortment of singles containing some of the most bizarrely beautiful music I've heard in a while.

drrrtyboots 07.19.2006 09:12 AM

Fushitsusha's first Double Live. So incredible.

sonicl 07.19.2006 09:18 AM

More CDs off my "do I sell or not" pile.
Today: Swans - "The Great Annihilator" and Liminal - "Nosferatu".

gmku 07.19.2006 09:28 AM


Originally Posted by finding nobody
edit- i cant force myself through it..

Here's a review I wrote. It's kind of stupid, but it expresses my enthusiasm.

Heh, heh.

"What the hell?"

I love it when I hear that reaction about a record. It usually means there's something good going on there, something challenging. I bought this mostly because I'm turning into a Sonic Youth completist, and it just doesn't seem right to have SYR 1,2, and 4 without having 3. So there you go. And I like the music contained within my collectible item, too. But if you haven't listened to much new noise stuff, like Liars or Double Leopards and that kind of stuff, or even to older kraut stuff like Neu!, you might not connect to this right away.

Anyway, I love that my favorite band took time out to experiment. They're such cute kids, getting all experimenty noisy and shit!

BUY THIS RECORD! Better yet, steal it.


dracula mountain 07.19.2006 09:58 AM

they might be giants- ana ng

Hip Priest 07.19.2006 10:08 AM

The Idiot Joy Show by The Fall. A decent live recording from 1995.

whorefrost 07.19.2006 10:10 AM

No Noo Yawk!

Trasher02 07.19.2006 10:10 AM

Hole - Violet
I'm in a pop-music mood today

gmku 07.19.2006 10:25 AM

Teenage Fanclub - Bandwagonesque

I forgot how much I love this one! I usually only play it winter. It sounds good right now, though.

Here's a self-indulgent review I wrote:

Dozens of scenesters soiled their pyjamas when Spin magazine picked this as 1991's number one album. Seems albums like Nevermind and Loveless caught the critics by surprise when they began bubbling up to the surface and then overtaking Bandwagonesque like ecological disasters in scope. Admittedly, Bandwagonesque wasn't the kind of album to spawn legions of noise-addicted blissheads or sell loads of flannel shirts to disaffected adolescents. But on Bandwagonesque, Teenage Fanclub nevertheless produced 10 (out of the 12) catchiest, craftiest songs of 1991. Whether the critics were right or wrong, well, "Big deal," as the members of Teenage Fanclub themselves might respond, to quote "Star Sign" from this album: "If these songs all change your day, big deal. Seen it all before... Given time, these things will change."

Nothing here's dazzingly original but that doesn't matter when you can make classic chord changes sound this easy and good. You'll not find anything else as swoony as "Pet Rock," "Sidewinder," or "Alcoholiday," no matter how hard you try. For variety, "Star Sign" sounds like the Byrds playing Ride (or vice versa). "Metal Baby" feels like a scruffier T. Rex song, and "The Concept" launches the album with some of the funniest lyrics on disc or vinyl, including, "She wears denim wherever she goes/Gonna buy some records by Status Quo." There's an homage to Sonic Youth, with "Satan," all guitar noise and mad-bull bass in an all-too-short Daydream Nation soundscape.

Half the time, these guys sound like they can barely pull it off--no, that's not quite right, because they can and do pull it off with amazing musicianship. It's that they sound like they could not care less if they did or not, but they go ahead regardless, and do so with endearing slacker grace. If they could have spawned any musical movement, Teenage Fanclub could have been one for the non-generation of slackers--that is, if they cared to. Because even when Jesus is knocking on your door, in "Guiding Star," and all you can muster is that you "kinda like the way he wears his hair... kinda like the way he walks on air," there doesn't seem to be too much to get too excited or concerned about.

So relax, don't worry if this is or was number one on anyone's list but your own, and feast your dadblasted ears on this contagious shaggy whiteboy college radio pop.

Trasher02 07.19.2006 10:45 AM

Unwound - Lucky acid

speaking of acid...

gmku 07.19.2006 10:49 AM

Just say no.

sonic sphere 07.19.2006 02:04 PM

beach boys-surf's up

HaydenAsche 07.19.2006 02:05 PM

Quasimoto - Further Adventures of Lord Quas

EMMAh 07.19.2006 02:09 PM

Big Women ~ GBH
My favorite song right now for some reason haha.

!@#$%! 07.19.2006 03:24 PM

right this minute:

beat happening - bad seeds (live)

krastian 07.19.2006 03:47 PM


Originally Posted by gmku
Teenage Fanclub - Bandwagonesque

Now that'll take ya back!


gmku 07.19.2006 03:59 PM


Originally Posted by krastian
Now that'll take ya back!


Yeah, I also dug these out today: Alice in Chains - Facelift & Redd Kross - Third Eye. 1990 and 1991 were very good years.

sonic sphere 07.19.2006 04:29 PM

beach boys-holland

Trasher02 07.19.2006 04:33 PM

Black dice - head like a door

HaydenAsche 07.19.2006 04:49 PM

Panda Bear - Self Released Cassette

Cantankerous 07.19.2006 04:49 PM


HairwayToSteven 07.19.2006 04:52 PM

A Thousand Leaves

Trasher02 07.19.2006 04:52 PM

The barracks of afghanistan
rly nice of goldenchild!

gmku 07.20.2006 09:15 AM

My a.m. drive time: Dexter Gordon - Our Man in Paris

On the walkman: Beastie Boys - Licensed to Ill (cassette from LP)

Last night on the home hi-fi: Alice in Chains - Facelift & Red Kross - Third Eye

a smattering from across the spectrum, yes?!

Pookie 07.20.2006 09:19 AM


Originally Posted by EMMAh
Big Women ~ GBH
My favorite song right now for some reason haha.

I remember this song

"Big women I like the size
Big women, flabby thighs..."

Or something like that.

michael71 07.20.2006 09:26 AM

Broadcast - Tender Buttons

Silver Jews - American Water

Interpol - Turn On The Bright Lights

Pookie 07.20.2006 09:29 AM


Originally Posted by Pookie
I remember this song

"Big women I like the size
Big women, flabby thighs..."

Or something like that.

And in its full glory:

"Big women, I like the size, big women flabby thighs.
Big women, big women, big women .. they fill my eyes.
Oooh a a ah !
Here they come, walking down the street, big and bouncy look so neat.
I like them best between the sheets, big women give me a treat.
Skinny wenches will not do, I need a big one to see me through.
I've gotta get some meat to see me through the night,
in the morning I feel alright."

whorefrost 07.20.2006 09:52 AM

O'Rourke/Moore/TNB - Voluptulist
currently on SYR4

sonicl 07.20.2006 09:57 AM

The latest from the "do I sell or not" pile:

Red Sparowes - At The Soundless Dawn
Ruby - Salt Peter
Ocean - Here Where Nothing Grows

Pookie 07.20.2006 10:03 AM


Originally Posted by sonicl
Ruby - Salt Peter

What do you think of this? I remember loving it at the time, but haven't listened to it for quite a while. I was a big fan of Silverfish. I wonder whatever happened to Lesley Rankine?

sonicl 07.20.2006 10:12 AM

I know this sounds a bit wishy-washy, but I think I like it. What I'm not sure about is how likely it is that I'll give it repeated listens.

I never saw Silverfish, but I did see Leslie Rankine doing her thing with Pigface. It was very scary.

nomadicfollower 07.20.2006 10:15 AM

Songs About Fucking - Big Black

Tokolosh 07.20.2006 10:25 AM


Stupid people shouldn't breed.

afterthefact 07.20.2006 10:35 AM

Hoppipolla - Sigur Ros, at

greatest radio website ever

acousticrock87 07.20.2006 11:28 AM

I'm on a JaMC binge, since I bought all of their reissues half-off. That'll be it for a while.





porkmarras 07.20.2006 12:19 PM


gmku 07.20.2006 12:19 PM

JAMC be good. I want Darklands & Honey's Dead. I have P.C. and Automatic, and I like both in equal measures for different reasons.

acousticrock87 07.20.2006 12:22 PM

Ya every single CD is completely different. I'd say Darklands and Automatic are similar, maybe, but that's it. PC is full of white noise, Darklands and Automatic are 80's rock + feedback, the latter being maybe a bit more electronic, Honey's Dead is more pop/rock, but ironically the solos on it are some of William's best (the solo in Catchfire is one of the greatest guitar moments ever), and then S&D is acoustic-based. It was well worth getting them all.

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