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NYCgaf16 08.15.2020 09:49 AM


Originally Posted by Severian
Do you do that Rate Your Music/Album of the Year stuff?

i do rym as well

Severian 08.15.2020 09:52 AM


Originally Posted by choc e-Claire
I do, haha! And lest you think that I'm just pumping a rating out, I've written a review for everything there, too.

That #360 is just the autistic accountant in me making a list of everything I've done this year - partially for memory services; partially to just show off. But I like to talk about music, and if I've got my tastes on offer, it offers a good starting point.

Sorry, I didnít mean that as an insult against you. Iíve seen some people claim theyíve heard ungodly amounts of music, and itís all about accessorizing music youíve heard. Weird deal.

_tunic_ 08.16.2020 04:18 PM




a baby in 1980 08.17.2020 06:46 AM


deflinus 08.17.2020 12:23 PM

Beach Boys - Love You

Diesel 08.19.2020 06:05 AM


_tunic_ 08.19.2020 06:29 AM


lol, I looked at that sleeve and this sprung into my head:

That's me in the corner
That's me in the spotlight

My least favourite R.E.M. song, oh well

I'll check out what music it is

Diesel 08.19.2020 07:39 AM

What did you think of the ep?

I should be bludgeoned in my bed ;) for saying this but they are probably my favourite band and are just as good as the Smiths.

It's time to take my life to the next level; I'm thinking der tpk german 1942 era eagle crest tattoo on the auld flesh bag.

Diesel 08.19.2020 09:18 AM

And now boy true keeping the tpk action alive


NYCgaf16 08.19.2020 10:19 AM


i accidently posted it in last album you bought thread lol

guest 08.19.2020 06:42 PM


jonnine (standish, htrk) - blue hills


ichiko hashimoto - beauty


beautyon - no02


luciano cilio - dialoghi del presente

Bytor Peltor 08.21.2020 09:01 PM

One of the most odd and unique sounds I’ve heard in 2020
Cosmic neo-soul from Chicago that switches from 70’s irritating to sheer brilliance

BYZMUTI - Tipota


The Soup Nazi 08.22.2020 12:14 AM


Their new single, "Legal Ghost"/"Heaven". The official blurb is better than anything I can come up with, so:


Australia's Tropical Fuck Storm announce new 7 inch Legal Ghost. These two new tunes are TFS at their, existential best, and it's just what the doctor ordered. The songs were recorded at Dodgy Brothers Studio in Central Victoria, right before the world went indoors.

'Legal Ghost' originally appeared on Gareth and original Drones member Rui Pereira's pre-Drones experimental home four-track recordings LP Bong Odyssey, recorded in the 90's when Gareth and Rui were pot-smoking teenage morons.

20 years down the track, TFS have re-recorded the song for old time's sake. Says Gareth, "This is the first song I ever wrote that I thought was actually a decent song. Everything before it was kinda a big tantrum, but this song had a touch of class. When I was putting together the Bong Odyssey record a few years ago, I heard it again and thought this was something that could work really well with TFS, although the original was really cool, it still sounded more like a sketch of a song, and wasn't quite fully realised, so I took the song to TFS and we fleshed it out a bit."

In keeping with the A-Side's vibe, the B-side is a version of Talking Heads' immortal ode to mortality, "Heaven." Recorded on the same four-track machine that 'Legal Ghost' was originally recorded on over 20 years ago, the song features guest performers Don Don and Híy, on pedal steel and violin, respectively.

NYCgaf16 08.23.2020 01:27 PM

most of this week is Good Morning, Captain by Slint. i'm trying to learn that song

a baby in 1980 08.25.2020 05:35 AM

From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah


The Soup Nazi 08.25.2020 06:46 AM


Originally Posted by a baby in 1980


Is that like Nirvana Covers Van Morrison or something?

Diesel 08.27.2020 07:07 AM

This reminds me for some inexplicable reason of getting busted for drink driving by the Pigs in 04'...or is it this can of brewdog duopolis drinking on the job melancholy effect?! Album is canny, if ultimately a bit shit.


Diesel 08.27.2020 07:49 AM

And now the undisputedly best in my superior opinion live document of Joy Division: Les Bains Douches (LOL) 18 December 1979

!@#$%! 08.27.2020 09:22 AM


Originally Posted by Diesel
And now the undisputedly best in my superior opinion live document of Joy Division: Les Bains Douches (LOL) 18 December 1979

ah, good call.

NYCgaf16 08.27.2020 10:15 AM

i recently came back to one of the artists i discovered some years ago

and for now da speakers are playin':

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