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Pelle 04.19.2011 04:08 PM

Pete Townshend - Let me love open the door

mysonichaircut 04.19.2011 04:37 PM

Bill Callahans new album: Apocalypse. Its so good, i cant believe it.

EVOLghost 04.19.2011 06:42 PM


Bought this on vinyl this past Saturday. Got it for $5. It's in great condition and it even had the original sticker that came with it(the original '73).

deflinus 04.19.2011 10:15 PM


i picked this up on vinyl the other day because.. well, it's a good album

a-p a. niemi 04.20.2011 01:16 AM


davenotdead 04.20.2011 02:56 AM

new matthewdavid
new gang gang dance

Torn Curtain 04.20.2011 05:29 AM

Lou Reed - September 12th, 1992, World Music Theatre, Tinley Park IL, SBD (from dime)

SYRFox 04.20.2011 05:33 AM


Torn Curtain 04.20.2011 11:05 AM

Jean-Louis Murat - Mustango-era unreleased tracks

deflinus 04.20.2011 12:16 PM


EVOLghost 04.20.2011 02:02 PM


merzbow. oh lucy.

batreleaser 04.20.2011 02:50 PM

moon duo-mazes

Genteel Death 04.20.2011 04:44 PM


Originally Posted by Norma J
Have you heard of the other band X who are (or were recently) touring LA?

I much prefer the Australian X myself.

Pelle 04.21.2011 08:08 AM

Listening to Disleksick / Shitfaced split cassette (noisecore) aaarrrghhhh!!!

stu666 04.21.2011 12:06 PM

Lightning Bolt
The New Parish
Oakland CA
April 12, 2011

(from dime)

i hope they have a new album out soon....

Dr. Eugene Felikson 04.21.2011 10:57 PM


Ghostchase 04.22.2011 12:46 AM


Gloss Drop is going to be soooo good! Who needs Tyondai when got Gary Numan, Kazu Makino, and Yamantaka Eye!?

Mortte Jousimo 04.22.2011 02:28 AM

Wigwam: Light Ages
Free: Free

loubarret 04.22.2011 07:22 AM


Pelle 04.22.2011 09:55 AM

Cock and Ball torture - cocktales

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