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Death & the Maiden 04.15.2009 10:52 PM

Gehenna - Seen Through the Veils of Darkness

Youth_Against_Facism 04.15.2009 11:56 PM


atsonicpark 04.16.2009 12:19 AM

It's so hard to type on here. My mom gave me a medicine,.. it's called uh....... ambien cr... I can barely type. I feel like there's all these people around me. It's weird. someone jsurt sia bout a year ago, you guys made no sense to me. i dont know why it took me this long to realize; i can seriously dig it. woop woop, sincerel oon the sdcsiros hock apge.

Seriously, it seems lkike what I typer is being cruished into the screen. I have to keep adjusting my eyrsm to something else to see something. reven tthis mesansmessage I can't see something.

atsonicpark 04.16.2009 12:22 AM

lET ME try again.

As I';m typoing this, the screen looks all distorted and my fingers are so nervous. I'm cold and freakig out. EVerryjing EVERYTYTHING looks like a Herman's grid.

atsonicpark 04.16.2009 12:42 AM

oh and stu! Start repping people. I need yo rep maaaaaaan.

atsonicpark 04.16.2009 12:50 AM

Yeah I'm okay now.

terminal pharmacy 04.16.2009 01:53 AM




phoenix 04.16.2009 03:25 AM

skj ksalu - wuyr ytiityzzz

its so awesome

sonic sphere 04.16.2009 04:29 AM

metallica-ride the lightning

andrei 04.16.2009 05:01 AM


Sonic Youth 37 04.16.2009 08:25 AM

Mozart's Jupiter symphony

atsonicpark 04.16.2009 08:30 AM

listening to the new c@ [absurdist sound experiments]:

and eaglebauer goes to quiznos - they got a pepper bar [SUPER fast electronic glitchy hate-metal]:

great albums!

atsonicpark 04.16.2009 08:43 AM

i'm on the way to hell, i'm on my way to hell
gotta get on the road and make this vegan pussy sell
hipster bitches, they come from mars
i call them sneetches, cuz they have stars upon thars!!
stars upon stars upon stars upon arse
call me creepy baby
c'mon do it
fuck you
sell that vegan pussy
you're so pure?
you're so clean?
they won't need condoms then will they?
Fashioncore Pimp knows what's up.

His combover devillock is, like, totally tricked out.

And he knows how to keep his bitches in line. By taking them to the mall, where there's a sale at Hot Topic. She drinks bottles til she thinks she's a model. give her the backhand and yell "sell that vegan pussy"

i've lt:dr-ed the world
four eyed sluts will pop for pills
soccer moms on lsd
suicidal chasing deer
in thier trumped up suvs
daughter tied up in the trunk
bet her life she know what i want
four eyed sluts will pop for pills
four eyed sluts will pop for pills
four eyed sluts will pop for pills

This song's awesome!

sonic sphere 04.16.2009 08:44 AM

method man-tical 0: the prequel

screamingskull 04.16.2009 09:09 AM


so far i only really like the last 3 songs.

atsonicpark 04.16.2009 09:32 AM

listening to my friend watching this video of me being stoned.

greedrex 04.16.2009 09:45 AM


greedrex 04.16.2009 09:51 AM


Originally Posted by atsonicpark

listening to my friend watching this video of me being stoned.

Adam , you're so hot. I want yr sex.

atsonicpark 04.16.2009 09:59 AM

fuck yeah bastro rules

one of my favorite drummers ever

PAULYBEE2656 04.16.2009 10:24 AM

gods hole......

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