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pokkeherrie 07.14.2006 03:25 PM

Sunburned Hand of the Man European tourdates

17-08-06 Seymour's Family Club Bristol (Uk)
18-08-06 Green Man Festival Wales (Uk)
19-08-06 Green Man Festival Wales (Uk)
20-08-06 Green Man Festival Wales (Uk)
22-08-06 Conway's Pub Dublin (Ire)
24-08-06 Cumberland Arms Newcastle (Uk)
26-08-06 Palimpest Festival Cambridge (Uk)
27-08-06 Corsica Studios London (Uk)
30-08-06 Paradiso Amsterdam (Net)
31-08-06 Rumor Festival Utrecht (Net)
01-09-06 Splab Aarhus (Den)
02-09-06 Nefertiti Jazz Club Gothenburg (Swe)
03-09-06 Spasibar Oslo (Nor)
05-09-06 Klubi Tampere (Fin)
06-09-06 Semifinal Helsinki (Fin)
08-09-06 Byens Lys Copenhagen (Den)
09-09-06 West Germany Berlin (Ger)
10-09-06 Cross Club Prague (Cze)
11-09-06 Fluc Vienna (Aus)
12-09-06 Kset Zagreb (Cro)
14-09-06 Cave 12 Geneva (Swi)
16-09-06 Sidecar Barcelona (Spa)
17-09-06 Sons Castellon (Spa)
19-09-06 Zedosbois Lisbon (Por)
21-09-06 Instants Chavires Paris (Fra)
22-09-06 Scheldapen Antwerp (Bel)
23-09-06 Ancienne Belgique Brussels (Bel)
08-12-06 All Tomorrows Parties Somerset (Uk) Curated By Thurston Moore
09-12-06 All Tomorrows Parties Somerset (Uk) Curated By Thurston Moore
10-12-06 All Tomorrows Parties Somerset (Uk) Curated By Thurston Moore

m^a(t)h 07.14.2006 03:31 PM

no thanks

pokkeherrie 07.14.2006 03:35 PM

as you wish

Phlegmscope 07.14.2006 05:24 PM


Originally Posted by pokkeherrie

05-09-06 Klubi Tampere (Fin)
06-09-06 Semifinal Helsinki (Fin)

Motherfucking ace!

I try my best to be there. Oh fucking yes.

kingcoffee 07.15.2006 01:03 AM

One of the best bands I've ever seen. Really talented, strange individuals.

sonicl 07.15.2006 01:14 AM


Originally Posted by pokkeherrie
26-08-06 Palimpest Festival Cambridge (Uk)

Just bought my ticket. 12.50 for 8 bands! And I've always fancied visiting Cambridge.

Iain 07.15.2006 03:39 AM Cardiff date. I heard that there was going to be one as well. I imagine I'll travel to either the Bristol gig or the London one. Actually I might do both.

I'd also love to see them in Berlin...they are playing a really ace little venue that would be amazing but that's a bit much.

Gulasch Noir 07.15.2006 03:48 AM

11-09-06 Fluc Vienna (Aus)

best announcement in ages!

jon boy 07.15.2006 06:02 AM

yes! best live band ever.

Lurker 07.15.2006 11:27 AM

What are they like?

Gulasch Noir 08.26.2006 05:21 AM

So today in England. Anybody seen them on this tour? Can't wait till 11th Sep. I would pay more than € 30 to see this, but i don't have to, cause the fluc never demands anything. I hope there's not too much crowd.

PAULYBEE2656 08.26.2006 05:31 AM

22-08-06 Conway's Pub Dublin (Ire)

found out about this one lat nite!!!
seemingly there was about 40 people at it, and about half of em knew who sunburned hand were!!!. gutted i missed out on it!

Gulasch Noir 08.26.2006 05:34 AM

aarh, you have my sympathy

Iain 08.26.2006 09:06 AM

Yes, I saw them in Bristol at Seymours Family club. It was pretty good but they were opening for A Hawk and a Hacksaw and only played about 35 minutes. Both bands were really good though. Actually, Sunburned seemed slightly rusty but still good....I think I heard them say it was the first time they played together in about 3 months in that configuration and it was a small line up. Rob Thomas, Moloney, Michael K and maybe Ron Schneiderman...but I'm never exactly sure.

I am going to see them in London tomorrow as well though.

Tokolosh 08.26.2006 09:12 AM

Thanks. I'm thinking of going to the Paradiso show.

o o o 08.26.2006 02:31 PM

thanks for bumping this in time...
(at least as far as i am concerned)

drrrtyboots 08.26.2006 02:37 PM

:( aww.

sonicl 08.27.2006 03:19 AM

Sunburned played an hour in Cambridge last night, and I've not been so excited by a live show in ages. I still have ones of their jams going round in my head this morning, and its welcome to stay as long as it likes. Very nice people too.

Phlegmscope 08.28.2006 01:23 PM

I just reserved my ticket for the Tampere show, they're being supported by none other than Circle.
Now I only hope the school doesn't cause anything that would prevent me from going.

LNC 08.28.2006 06:02 PM

12.09. Zagreb. If I miss, I go dead...

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