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StevOK 05.26.2010 11:17 AM

"The Swinger" makes songs I've never liked sound awesome.
It has reversed my life-long hatred of "Sweet Child O' Mine".

"The Swinger is a bit of python code that takes any song and makes it swing. It does this be taking each beat and time-stretching the first half of each beat while time-shrinking the second half. It has quite a magical effect."

Fuck yeah. :cool:

shabbray2.0 05.26.2010 11:21 AM

it gets kinda repetive after 2 or 3 tunes. but definately worth an experiment!
and yes I agree. sweet child o mine is way more enjoyable i that version
wonder how that would sound to stuff like flying lotus, where its already swinging like mad. I think it would sound shitty...

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