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ilduclo 06.01.2017 07:59 AM

RIP Bern Nix
:( Got to see him 4x with Prime Time. Wish I could have seen him again..

Severian 06.01.2017 08:58 AM

Have to admit I'm not all that familiar. I know who he is, but only because he was in Ornette Coleman's orbit. I haven't heard any of his solo stuff, and have heard only a little bit of Prime Time.

Still... RIP.

tesla69 06.19.2017 05:23 PM

I just saw this thread now - this is a big loss for the NYC scene. He obviously loved to play, he recently was playing small somewhat squalid jazz spaces. I was immediately struck by his playing because his sound was so individual and distinctive and outside of the rock/industrial/fusion idiom I knew. I got to see him a bunch of time in his own band and with Ras Moshe and in other configurations. I like to listen to Negative Capability when I'm driving, the CD is very long and helps pass the time easier on very long drives.

tesla69 07.08.2017 07:49 AM

Please join family and friends as we gather in the spiritual space
of the Korean Culture center of New York to celebrate the life of
Bern Nix.

Saturday July 8th

Korean Culture Center in
38 w32nd st #300

A memorial
for Bern Nix

"Bern Nix could play a chord that plugged in the moon.
His music made
the clouds different colors and made the wind visible to the
naked eye."

Family and friends,
words and music for Bern

Cheryl Pyle

Raymond Bally Jr

The Bern Nix Quartet- Less is More

Christine Hughes

Ras Moshe & Dave Ross

Susan Yung

Larry Roland

Edna Nix

Mat Maneri and Keith Yaun

Dashiell Feiler

Patrick Brennan

Denardo Coleman

All musicians for Bern:

"Dancing in your head"

Look for more musical tributes to Bern with Ras Moshe's
Music Now
series July 17th at the
Brooklyn Commons.

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