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deflinus 07.07.2010 10:29 AM

that nirvana boxed set was shit. the bonus content wasn't that good at all. some stuff should just stay unreleased

noisereductions 07.07.2010 10:31 AM


Originally Posted by deflinus
that nirvana boxed set was shit. the bonus content wasn't that good at all. some stuff should just stay unreleased

yr crazy. I'm with Gail. I listened to that box over and over again for months when I first got it. It's awesome. And what "bonus content" are you referring to anyway? It's a boxset. What portion of it is a "bonus"? Do you mean the DVD?

TheFoxBen 07.07.2010 10:36 AM


SONIC GAIL 07.07.2010 10:51 AM


Originally Posted by deflinus
that nirvana boxed set was shit. the bonus content wasn't that good at all. some stuff should just stay unreleased

yeah yeah we all have our own opinions;) props nr

viewtiful alan redux 07.07.2010 01:32 PM


My second favorite ghostface album, behind only Fishscale.
I don't know what I was missing the first time I heard it... but for some reason all Ghostface albums take me at least two listens to really sink in

noisereductions 07.07.2010 01:47 PM

^YES! Now we can talk about all the tiny things that make it amazing!!!!

DeadDiscoDildo 07.07.2010 01:49 PM

Wu tang: Enter the wu (36 chambers)

Captain Beefheart: Safe as Milk

Silver Apples: S/T

Breeders: POD

Wipers: Over the edge

The Fall: I am Kurious Oranj

Silverchair: Young Modern

& Negativland: Escape from Noise

...shit is blowing my mind.

I'm about to get brooklyn zoo by odb & some more The Oh Sees as well

noisereductions 07.07.2010 01:50 PM

nice mix DDD -- how is that Silver Chair? I remember thinking that the single was the best thing they'd done since Neon Ballroom and its bsides.

Derek 07.07.2010 02:25 PM


Originally Posted by SYRFox

This album is so fucking great. Might really be my record of the year so far ...

Listening to this as well!

SYRFox 07.07.2010 02:38 PM

Eh eh, let me know how you like it. It's so fucking massive. I'm seeing them twice in the coming months (including next week at Dour festival), can't wait.

SYRFox 07.07.2010 02:39 PM

Right now:


noisereductions 07.07.2010 02:49 PM

^one of his better albums.

sonic sphere 07.07.2010 03:50 PM


Ghostchase 07.07.2010 04:44 PM


Originally Posted by shabbray2.0

I didn't know there was such a thing! I will buy this!

noisereductions 07.07.2010 04:47 PM

how does Capcom rule so hard?

Dr. Eugene Felikson 07.07.2010 05:12 PM



viewtiful alan redux 07.07.2010 07:42 PM


A satisfactory, but ultimately forgettable release from GZA.
All I can say is that if Liquid Swords 2 doesn't kick fucking ass, GZA is gonna have some real explaining to do.

noisereductions 07.07.2010 07:46 PM

Pro Tools is the only GZA album I haven't heard. I'm obviously a fan though. Haha. I remember having WORDS FROM THE GENIUS way the fuck back from a cut-out bin EARLY in the Wu cannon... I'm talking I had WORDS before LIQUID SWORDS was released. Just saying...

viewtiful alan redux 07.07.2010 08:00 PM

That's actually cool dude. A wu fan from the earliest days... its something to brag about. But nah, if you're just kicking around best buy looking for something to listen to, this is a decent choice. It'll give you your wu fix

noisereductions 07.07.2010 08:11 PM

yeah, around 2007 or so it got to a point where I had bought EVERY album from EVERY member (including Cappa) so I sort of felt overwhelmed and then got really selective... I know I missed out on some gems I'm sure, but will get to those later.

me. 07.08.2010 12:39 AM

Eastern Youth

Torn Curtain 07.08.2010 03:44 AM

Wagner - Parsifal (disc 2)

Torn Curtain 07.08.2010 05:04 AM

Nina Nastasia - 29th October 2003, Old Market, Hove, UK FM (from dime)

loubarret 07.08.2010 06:18 AM


SYRFox 07.08.2010 06:51 AM


sonic sphere 07.08.2010 07:48 AM


Torn Curtain 07.08.2010 11:01 AM

Françoise Hardy - La question

noisereductions 07.08.2010 11:20 AM

Hits Are For Squares

Derek 07.08.2010 11:40 AM


SYRFox 07.08.2010 11:44 AM

Hyperdub ruuuuules

SYRFox 07.08.2010 11:45 AM


noisereductions 07.08.2010 11:49 AM

^you were a still-born baby; you're mother didn't want you but you were still born.

is it just me, or is Cold Vein one of the most quotable albums ever?

SYRFox 07.08.2010 11:50 AM

nah it's definitely super quotable. It's also probably my favorite hip hop record, period.

noisereductions 07.08.2010 12:16 PM

and if there's crack in the basement, crackheads stand adjacent.

Satan 07.08.2010 12:21 PM


noisereductions 07.08.2010 12:39 PM


SYRFox 07.08.2010 01:05 PM


sonic sphere 07.08.2010 01:21 PM


shabbray2.0 07.08.2010 01:24 PM


Torn Curtain 07.08.2010 04:19 PM

Wagner - Parsifal (disc 4)

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