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Genteel Death 01.07.2020 11:14 AM

Kim Gordon - What's In My Bag?

greenlight 01.07.2020 03:46 PM


The Soup Nazi 01.08.2020 02:29 AM

That was totally bitchen! Random thoughts:

— I didn't know who Vince Staples was. I'd seen his name around a lot, though (on Dimeadozen, for starters) and I thought he was some mainstream country-pop guy. Silly me.

— Never seen that white version of Unknown Pleasures' artwork before. I assume it's this one and so yes, Kim, sonically speaking it probably comes from the 2007 remasters.

— She really went to town with Spacemen 3 there. GOD I miss the freedom that having a little money gives: you listen to one record by an artist and go, "FUCK ME, I need the complete discography right now!"

— Joni's influence on Led Zeppelin is pretty well-known, and yet I wonder how many bonehead Zeppers have connected the dots, or even heard her, or even heard of her. Not that many, I tell ya.

Rob Instigator 01.08.2020 02:13 PM

very cool. Kim is the coolest.

Rob Instigator 01.08.2020 02:15 PM

Vince Staples - Norf Norf has been on my A+ WHIP SONGS spotify playlist for ever. love this track

evonmispets 01.09.2020 09:01 AM


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