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Bytor Peltor 06.28.2017 11:52 PM


Originally Posted by Rob Instigator
Now the Rockets have two point guards and lose their best defender (beverly). Will they move Harden to the shooting guard?

Not only was Beverly the Rockets best defender, Patrick was also the heart of the franchise! Based on ESPN’s Real Plus-Minus, Chris Paul was NBA’s second-most productive player on a per-minute basis last season, behind LeBron James. Speculation by those "in the know" say George Paul will sign with the Rockets once Free Agency starts on July 1st. If this happens, look out because Paul George is one of the best shooters in the league.

Harden greatly increased his number of assist this season which was part of the reason many considered him MVP. Alas, James still resorted to dribbling the clock out and firing it up at the buzzer......if Paul can help prevent that, I'm all for it!

Bytor Peltor 06.29.2017 09:02 AM

This morning on Houston sports radio, Jeff Van Gundy says forget point guard-shooting guard......this was a good trade!

Bytor Peltor 07.01.2017 02:28 AM

The NBA's Eastern Conference === The Place Good Players Leave As Soon As They Get The Chance.

_tunic_ 07.18.2017 01:25 PM

There was a big headline in Dutch biggest newspaper:

Nederlander ontwerpt nieuw logo NBA

that big it was. Dutchman designs new NBA logo.
Then I check US press, his name is hardly even mentioned. He co-designed the font which is still very cool.

_tunic_ 04.14.2018 01:09 PM

* Bump *

wake up everyone! The play-offs are starting soon! Who's going to win it this year? I'm pretty much clueless, both Cleveland and Golden State are not excelling as they used to this season, and Curry is out for at least the first round. And to be honest I don't know much about the other teams. I used to be a fan of the Clippers, because of CP3 and Griffin, but since they left elsewhere, I have no fav team anymore :-(

I guess I'll be watching out for OKC because of Westbrook's smashing average scores all over this season. He deserves to get far this time

Bytor Peltor 04.19.2018 11:34 PM

Ive tried to keep up with the Rockets......mostly by way of the radio call via the NBA app on my phone. Also through twitter and Houston sports radio. We currently don’t have cable / DirectTV, so ABC broadcast are the only time I get to watch on TV. I was in attendance two months ago when CP3 & the Rockets best down Golden State.

Tonight my coworker told me the Spurs really put up a fight in Coach Greg Popovich absence due to the death of his wife......but Golden State still won by 12 taking a 3-0 lead. Even with Curry out, I see Golden State sweeping their way to the Western Conference Finals, where they should face the Number One seed Rockets. CP3 & Harden may not be enough for the Rockets to beat Golden State.

Tonight (Friday, April 20) The Indiana Pacers have a great shot at home to go up 2-1 on Cleveland.
Philly & Toronto have a fighters chance in the East if Cleveland makes a First Round exit.

Bytor Peltor 05.07.2018 05:32 PM


Originally Posted by Bytor Peltor
Even with Curry out, I see Golden State sweeping their way to the Western Conference Finals, where they should face the Number One seed Rockets.

The above statement was Oh-So-Wrong! Golden State has lost two games so far, but are still just one win away from the Western Conference are the Rockets!

Tonight, Boston and Cleveland look to sweep their second round series. After a tough Seven game series against Indiana......and with the Toronto series being played every-other-day, I thought the team with the best regular season record for the East might actually have a chance. Could Dwane Casey be the first Coach Of The Year fired for losing in the second round of the playoffs?

Bytor Peltor 05.17.2018 01:18 AM

The Boston Celtics make an easy go of it easily beating Cleveland to take a 2-0 Eastern Conference lead......with Kyrie Irving wearing street clothes on the bench!!

Kevin Durant was in FULL Beast mode in Game One of the Western Conference Finals, scoring 37 as the Warriors won 119-106

WOW - what a Game Two! The Rockets tie the Series winning 127-105. It was the first time this post season that Golden State faced a deficit greater than 18......Rockets won it by 22.

Stephen Curry: Games w/ 1 or fewer three-pointers
2015 playoffs: 0 out of 21 games
2016 playoffs: 1 out of 16 games
2017 playoffs: 1 out of 17 games
2018 West Finals: 2 out of 2 games

Eric Gordon outscored the the Splash Brothers by himself in Game 2

Game 2 was the 4th-worst playoff loss for the Warriors under Steve Kerr.
However, Golden State won the next game after 4 of their 5 worst losses under Kerr

Bytor Peltor 05.21.2018 07:25 PM

Western Conference Game 3
Houston 85
Golden State 126

The below quote is from May 17, 2017

Originally Posted by Bytor Peltor
Last night was the warriors’ largest playoff win in 69 years.
(largest: 39-point victory on 4/6/48, Philadelphia at St. Louis).

......368 days later, the Houston Rockets are now the Golden State Warriors victim for largest playoff win = 41 points

The Rockets' 41-point defeat is their worst playoff loss in franchise history. It's also their worst loss in any game since 1986, when Houston fell 136-80 to Seattle.

Percentage of Houston 3-point-attempts classified as catch-and-shoot, via NBA-dot-com:

Regular-season: 61.2%
Playoffs: 49.7%
Conference finals so far: 41.6%

Golden States Defense is soooo good, especially at home......last night was the Rockets first time to NOT REACH 100 POINTS this playoffs!

Being blown out by 41 points, the taste is very reminiscent of when Harden shut it down last year in the elimination game against the Spurs. Harden was decent in Game 3, but Trevor Ariza flat out shut it down......and Chris Paul made ZERO IMPACT for the second time in three games.

Do Believe Steph Curry Has It Fixed

Steph Curry says winning by 41 in game 3 has no bearing on game 4: "I wish it was a cumulative score. It'd be nice. Doesn't work that way..Like golf. Zero-zero come game 4."

Kevin Durant on whether Warriors like when Stephen Curry swears because it’s so out of character: “F—- yeah.”

Mike D'Antoni: "They get it. They know. There are things we need to correct that are very correctable. But these are professionals. They’ve been in every situation; down, up, kicked around, been on top. They know. They’re ready to go. We’ll see if we can get it done."

More MDA: “To me, Golden State has all the pressure. They got to win tomorrow. We should come in with a little bit of swagger and giddyup in our game and see if we can get it."

Andre Iguodala's left knee contusion worsened overnight. Didn't practice today. Unlikely he plays, which likely means a Looney start, more Nick Young possibly, maybe a Quinn Cook appearance.

Boston at Cleveland Game 4 about to tip:

Cavaliers are 7-0 over the last 10 postseasons when Bill Kennedy officiates.

Bytor Peltor 05.22.2018 04:44 PM

Eastern Conference Game 4
Boston 102
Cleveland 111

Last night was the first game of the Conference Finals (West & East) to finish in single digits (9 points) = no close games!

44 points on 28 shots for LeBron

Was Stevens was outcoached in Cleveland?
Boston has only won one playoff game on the road this post season.

Boston’s awesome at home

Boston’s coming off two REALLY bad performances (they were closer today but still sloppy)

Cavs are bad on the road but Cavs are probably better on road than Celtics.

So Game 5 tomorrow goes to......?

LeBron is now the All Time Playoff Record Holder for:
Field Goals
Buzzer Beaters
Game Winners (<5 secs)
PPG in Game 7s

40 point playoff games while shooting 60%+:

LeBron 2018 playoffs: 4
Kobe entire career: 1

40+ Point Playoff Games:

Jordan: 38
LeBron: 25
Shaq & Kobe combined: 25
Allen, Bird, Garnett, Hondo, Pierce, and Thomas combined: 17

Jerry West, who turns 80 next week, indeed had six 40-point games in the 1969 playoffs WITHOUT a 3-point line.

40-point games (while shooting above 50%) in the 2018 playoffs:

LeBron James: 6
All other NBA players combined: 5

LeBron James in his last 10 quarters:

91 Points
32-53 FG( 60%)
8-14 3PT (57%)

LeBron James

Against Boston, 32 PPG, 54%.

Against Toronto, 34 PPG, 55%.

Against Indiana, 34 PPG, 55%.

Has not mattered one bit who has been guarding him.


Originally Posted by Bytor Peltor
Andre Iguodala's left knee contusion worsened overnight. Didn't practice today. Unlikely he plays, which likely means a Looney start, more Nick Young possibly, maybe a Quinn Cook appearance.

For those looking for s wee bit of Rockets hope tonight......the Rockets beat Golden State twice during the regular season. What did those two games in common? Andre Iguodala didn't play in either.

Tonight could be a career defining game for James Harden!

Bytor Peltor 05.23.2018 01:29 AM

Western Conference Game 4
Houston 95
Golden State 92

Golden State started the game leading 12-0, there were just 6:00 minutes remaining in the 1st Q when the Rockets scored their first two points.

Rockets had a 53-46 lead at halftime.

This is the first time in the Steve Kerr era (regular season or playoffs), that the Warriors outscored their opponent by 15+ points in the 3rd quarter and lost.

They were 51-0 entering tonight when outscoring an opponent by 15+ points in the 3rd quarter.

Durant, Curry, Klay and Draymond all played the entire third quarter......were they too spent to play the 4th??

Golden State had a 82-70 with 11;00 minutes remaining in the game.

Rockets ended the game on a 25-10 run!!!

Rockets held the Golden State Warriors to 12 4th Q points and 92 points for the game!!!

This will be the first time the Warriors have had a series stretch to at least six games since signing Kevin Durant.

Steph Curry: "Now we have to fight and understand that this is a true playoff experience."

Rockets* committed 4 Turnovers in the 1st Q and had 6 the rest of the game.

Warriors were 51-0 entering tonight when outscoring an opponent by 15+ points in the 3rd quarter.

Rockets HAVE NOT LOSS back-2-back games in a row since January 6

Anyone else notice how it’s not even close how Oracle responds to Curry compared to KD. Durant might as well be’s two steps from golf claps compared to Curry.

Trevor Ariza on Rockets' defense: "That was the last piece for us to get over the hump and becoming one of the best teams in the league. ... Tonight in the fourth quarter when it mattered, we got stops. It let us get back in the game, it let us take the lead and it let us win."

James Harden was the games leading scorer on ONLY 5 free throw attempts


Originally Posted by Bytor Peltor
For those looking for a wee bit of Rockets hope tonight......the Rockets beat Golden State twice during the regular season. What did those two games in common? Andre Iguodala didn't play in either.

Tonight could be a career defining game for James Harden!

Klay’s final shot was awkward and tough!
Golden State fans are now worried about Iggy's & Klay’s knees for game 5.

Klay airballed an 18-footer after returning from the knee issue. He just hasn’t looked comfortable since Game 1......Games 5-7 will be played every-other-day = no time for rest!

After Game 4, Klay Thompson said his knee issue is “nothing that will keep me out of Game 6.” Ummmmm, what about Game 5?????

Bytor Peltor 05.23.2018 04:54 PM

Having a little more time to digest Rockets EPIC 4th Quarter and win at Goldenen State:

Warriors 0-6 from 3-point land in the 4th.

Warriors out rebounded Rockets 49-41 for the game.
Through 3 quarters, GS had out rebounded Rockets 41-25.
TURNING POING = Rockets doubles up Warriors out rebounding them 16-8 in 4th.

The Rockets have now turned the entire season into a Best of 3, vs the Warriors, with 2 of 3 games in Houston......who wouldn’t wish for that at the he beginning of the season?

For Celtic fans looking for another bit of hope tonight:

LeBron James is 0-3 in Game 5’s against Boston

Bytor Peltor 05.24.2018 04:00 AM

Eastern Conference Finals Game 5
Cleveland 83
Boston 96

Once again the home team wins by double digits.

I hear many say that the regular season is too long and doesn’t matter, but when you can’t win a playoff game on the road, It Does Matter!!!

LeBron was completely spent in the 2nd half, no energy and is line explains it all:
Lebron = 4/11 FG 36% 4 Turnovers......ZERO assists.

LeBron = TWO points and TWO turnovers is the last 16 mintes of the game.

HUGE adjustments from Celtics so LeBron couldn’t isolate or backdown Rozier on switches!

Bytor Peltor 05.25.2018 01:54 AM

Western Conference Game 5
Golden State 94
Houston 98

The Rockets ONLY played SEVEN players Thursday night.

Harden was terrible with the ball!!!
Green played 16 minutes
Ariza + Tucker combined for 14 points
CP3 got hurt at the end.

Golden State had four all-stars, 3 MVP awards and 2 Defensive Player Of The Year awards and couldn’t beat the Rockets!!!

The Rockets win despite James Harden going 0-for-11 from 3.

Harden matches John Starks in Game 7 of the 1994 NBA Finals (0-11) for the most 3-point attempts without a make in playoffs history.

James Harden on 3-Point shooting woes: “I’m missing shots, but we’re winning. Trying to compete on the defensive end, trying to help us win, getting guys shots. If we play defense like this we have a chance.”

Another way to say it:

James Harden was 5-21, 0-11 from 3, had 6 turnovers
Trevor Ariza made ONE SHOT
Rockets shot 37%.

And They Won

The Rockets' seven players are committed to not letting the Warriors get to the basket......brilliant 7-man rotation adjustment by D’Antoni......down to 6-man rotation once Chris Paul got hurt.

Chris Paul didn’t meet with Media following the game. Rockets confirmed it’s his hamstring, will update tomorrow at practice.

Can the Rockets survive if Chris Paul misses time......Houston has a positive points differential this series when Harden is on the court and Paul is off the court!!!

Steph Curry on Chris Paul's shimmy: "It was well deserved. It was a tough shot. If you can shimmy on somebody else, you've got to be all right getting shimmied on. So I'll keep shimmying and maybe he will as well."

Mike D’Antoni said Eric Gordon will move to the role of playmaker if Chris Paul doesn’t return from a hamstring injury in Game 6.

Can James Harden play that badly again???

I think there’s a possibility James has an All-Time EPIC game!

Can Kevin Durant play as badly?

Kevin Durant:
-Game 4 = 9-for-24 (37.5 percent = worst playoff % with the Warriors)
-Game 5 = 8-for-22 (36.4 percent = worst playoff % with the Warriors)

Steve Kerr: “I feel great about where we are right now. That may sound crazy, but I feel it.”

Do The Rockets Want It More???

Rob Instigator 05.25.2018 09:29 AM

Go Rockets!!!!

Bytor Peltor 05.27.2018 06:36 AM

Western Conference Game 6
Houston 86
Golden State 115

Houston had a 10 point lead on the road with a 3-2 Series......ONLY score 9 4thQ points, total of 25 in the second half.

Warriors held the Rockets to 25 points in the second half and nine points in the fourth quarter, setting franchise playoff records for fewest points allowed in a half & quarter.

How much did the Rockets miss Paul??

Rockets had 26 assist opportunities in Game 6, their fewest in a postseason game this year.

Paul was averaging 12 per game this series.

PJ TUCKER - "Obviously we didn't want to play a game 7, but we've got the opportunity to close out the series."

D’Antoni on his guys getting tired: “I’m sure they did but so did (the Warriors). It’s the playoffs. Some guys are going to get tired but we’re going to have to fight through.

Mike D'Antoni cutting the rotation to 7 guys has been drastically more of an advantage than disadvantage.

Mike D'Antoni on Chris Paul possibly coming back for Game 7: "I have no idea."

James Harden had ZERO free throws in the second half.

Steve Kerr: “I thought Nick Young did a great job defensively” which, yeah, we’re in 2018.

Draymond Green only called for ONE foul......hilarious.
Draymond Green is the first player in NBA history with at least 9 assists, 5 blocks and 4 steals in a playoff game.

James Harden:"There's no pressure. It's an opportunity, an opportunity that we all are excited to be a part of. Game 7 at our house, that's what we've worked the entire regular season for to get home-court advantage. So we're going to come out and be ready."

On the chances of a Chris Paul comeback with right hamstring injury for Game 7, source tells ESPN: "Less likely than likely, but working every angle to try."

Bytor Peltor 05.28.2018 01:33 AM

Easter Conference GAME SEVEN
Cleveland 87
Boston 79

The Celtics were defeated just one time at home this post season: Game 7

There had ONLY been a total of ELEVEN leaded changes in Games 1-6 of the Cavaliers vs. Celtics series......NINE lead changes in Game 7

Boston made only 7 of 39 three-point attempts, including 10 missed 3’s in the 4thQ.

LeBron James has won 6 straight Game 7’s. LeBron won a road game in 32 of last 33 series. He will play in his 9th Finals. This is perhaps the greatest Eastern Conference win of his career......especially when you consider Kevin Love missing the last two games due to concussion protocol.

LeBron has made the finals every year since ”the decision" it didn't ruin his career like many......? ? ? ?

The Cavs’ second leading scorer last night was Jeff Green. A dude on a minimum contract. Despite the roster around him, the East still can’t beat LeBron 4 times in a 7-game series.

LeBron played all 48 minutes in his 100th game of the season in his 15th year and went 34-15-9 without Kevin Love in Game 7, and is in his eighth straight finals..

Bytor Peltor 05.28.2018 05:18 PM


Originally Posted by Bytor Peltor
Chris Paul is now a Houston Rocket ��

Rockets send: Patrick Beverly, Lou Williams, Sam Decker and a 2018 pick to the LA Clippers in the Sign-&-Trade deal.

I posted the above one year ago today. Tonight, CP3 has the opportunity to play in the biggest game of his carrier and I believe he and his hammy will give it a go.

Why the Rockets will win:
Home teams in Game 7s are 104-26 (.800) all-time.

Why the Warriors will win:
Defending champs are 8-0 in Conference Finals Game 7s since the NBA began seeding in 1984.

Bytor Peltor 05.29.2018 02:50 AM

Western Conference Finals Game SEVEN
Golden State 101
Houston 92

The Rockets had 11 offensive rebounds at the first half......after not having more than 10 in a game prior this series.. Houston's team high for offensive boards in these playoffs is 12 in Game 2 of the First Round series vs. Minnesota.

After 1stQ: Steve Kerr - “One of theWorst quarters we've ever played"

For the most part, Houston was having their way with Golden State during the 2ndQ.......NOT ONE GSW outscored Clint Capela in the first half.

“Golden State is embarrassing themselves right now." --Hubie Brown on ESPN radio during the 2ndQ

Rockets led 54-43 at halftime.
Rockets led 58-53 with 6:45 remaining in 3rdQ
Rockets led 61-58 with 4:50 remaining in 3rdQ

End of the 3rdQ
Golden State 76
Houston 69

Golden State has been so dominant in the 3rdQ this year/series

Game 1: 31-24 GSW
Game 2: 38-29 HOU
Game 3: 34-24 GSW
Game 4: 34-17 GSW
Game 5: 27-26 GSW
Game 6: 33-16 GSW
Game 7: 33-16 GSW

Final: GSW +61

At one point, 25 straight misses from THREE is really unbelievable!!!

Trevor Ariza: 0-of-11 shooting, 0-of-8 from THREE

When the Rockets have missed their last 25 triples. If they make 5, they’re up FIVE!!!

Kevin Durant: “We knew at some point they’d tire out. James dribbled so much each possession, I know at some point he’ll wear down and we were going at him on the defensive side of the ball as well"

Eric Gordon: on Chris Paul's absence: "If he was out there, we would be playing on Thursday."

Mike D'Antoni: “I'm devastated. I'm proud. I don't know what I am.”

Harden - "One half of basketball. ... It's extremely frustrating."

Kevin Durant on whether Rockets are close to catching the Warriors: "Anything could happen over the summer, for both sides."

Ok so let me see if my analytics are right.
Houston shot 44 3’s, made 7 3’s for 21pts, missed 37 3’s for a possible 111pts, but all they needed was 6 TWO point shots to win by one?

Rockets general manager Daryl Morey: "We should have won tonight. I don't have much else to say."

Bytor Peltor 05.31.2018 08:34 PM

The Warriors are the fifth franchise in NBA history to reach the Finals in four-straight seasons......joining:

Boston Celtics (10, 1957-1966; 4, 1984-87)
Cleveland Cavaliers (4, 2015-18)
Los Angeles Lakers (4, 1982-1985)
Miami Heat (4, 2011-2014)

Golden State and Cleveland are the only two franchises in any sport to face each other four straight years in their leagues Championship.

Keys for Cleveland to beat Golden State, score 20 or more points in the 4th Quarter while holding Golden State to fewer than 30 points.

Control the tempo of play.

(sure wish I knew how to post pics from my iPhone)

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