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SuchFriendsAreDangerous 06.18.2014 01:42 AM

Janet Weiss from Sleater-Kinney/Quasi/Wild Flag wrote a bad ass fucking recap of the Blazers playoff run last month.. I think y'all will dig it and how the fuck did I NOT TALK BASKETBALL WITH HER AT THE WILD FLAG SHOW IN 2010 WHEN I WAS TALKING WITH HER AT THE MERCH TABLE!!!

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 06.18.2014 02:04 AM

Remember that Heat team got swept by the Nets in season and beat them in playoffs, swept by the Knicks the year before that, beat them too, and swept by the Bulls in 2010/11 season, beat them as well.

Its not just the Finals, Spurs put on one of the most dominant playoff runs in NBA playoffs history, quite literally if they hadn't lost a few games in there they would have set records, but since they went 16-7 it puts them squarely in 6th all time (statistically speaking) Finals run. Of course Heat still had their own record by being only the third team ever to have 4 consecutive Finals appearances and also just the 6th team to ever win back to back (including your The Dream era Rockets :) ) which Spurs still lack. So all in all, while it sucks for Heat to lose, it didn't exactly work out too bad for either team..

For playoff teams like the Spurs the season doesn't necessarily count ;)

Did you check that Janet Weiss post?

Rob Instigator 06.18.2014 10:05 AM

"Please take a moment to admire the great LeBron for the special talent he is. It never gets old looking at the King's history. So many accomplishments Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan will never achieve:

1. Bronze 2006
2. Bronze 2004
3. NBA finals sweep 2007
4. Go entire Finals scoring 20 pts only one time
5. Quit on his team the year after he promises a championship
6. Dunked on by a highschool kid and then confiscate tape
7. Bail on the dunk contest 9 times
8. Only able to win a ring with 2 superstars
9. 7th best player in NBA finals series.
10. Average 1.8 pts in the 4th quarter of NBA finals.
11. Lose not 1, not 2, but 3 times in the Finals.
12. Host a national televised TV show to leave his team
13. Play on the same team as his moms boyfriend
14. Go 2 for 18 in an NBA playoff game.
15. Get stuffed by a player under 6 feet (Nate Robinson)
16. Flop every single game in the playoffs
17. Choke 4 out of 5 finals games by dropping FG% by 18
18. Vow revenge for 2007 sweep, then proceed to choke again"

not written by me but laughed at by me wholeheartedly

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 06.18.2014 02:53 PM





Also, even at 29 he already has TWICE the accomplishment and opportunities as your precious Hakeem the Dream so I don't know why you're shit talking so much ;)

Let me refresh that list you posted.

Back-to-Back Championships.
one of only 3 teams to make FOUR consecutive Finals
2 Gold Medals (and yes, a bronze for fun)
4 MVPS in five years
2 Finals MVPS

29 years old...

Literally ONLY Kobe had anything close to that at that age, even the great Jordan hadn't been in more big game than Lebron at 29...

Yeah, keep trolling Lebron, you only fuel him to get even MORE accomplishment. Greatest of all time? Hardly. NOT one of the greatest 20 players to ever play the game? Now you're just lying to yourself to make yourself feel better about how Hakeem the Dream got robbed by the 80s Celtics of rings and then robbed by the back to back by the bullshitting Jazz ;)

You're also probably mad that Lebron's shoes sell for $276 meanwhile at his PEAK Hakeem's shoes were sold at Payless for $36

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 06.18.2014 03:05 PM

Oh yeah, there was those THREE YEARS IN A ROW Rockets got swept by Magic's Lakers too ;)

Boy, if we want to just shit talk great players we can make that list go on forever, how many times did Hakeem get disappointed, his team get creamed? Me? I like to CELEBRATE what Hakeem did GOOD, not dwell on the noise and static.

ME personally, when Hakeem won back to back Championships he redeemed himself, he redeemed his previous failures which to be sure were monumental, and he gets the benefit of the doubt, even for losing back to back to that Jazz team. So why doesn't Lebron get this same benefit of the the doubt? Has to be the least respected NBA Champion and Gold medalist in NBA history..

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 06.18.2014 03:30 PM

Will anyone read that bad ass Janet Weiss blog post or is this just a shit on Lebron thread now?

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 06.18.2014 03:53 PM

For example, I'll be the FIRST to trash talk Spain in the World Cup, but I'd be the LAST one to disrespect, scoff, or otherwise foolishly disregard their miraculous accomplishments the past few years. In fact, I'd look down right stupid or bitter to do such ;)

Rob Instigator 06.18.2014 04:12 PM

Dream sold those Etonics at a low cost on purpose.

LeBron the athlete is amazing. LeBron the pre-packaged corporate advert tool, the careful-speaking lest it molest his handlers/money sponsors, that LeBron can go snort a turd!

Rob Instigator 06.18.2014 04:20 PM

his athletic skills are amazing, but his HUMAN skills are lacking. He is a preening prima donna who has no team loyalty, a mercenary basically, who obvioulsy does not understand how fans truly were broken-hearted by his ego-satisfying departure from the Cavs.

He just finished an amazing run with the Heat and already he is talking shit about leaving, or at the very least, not making statements as to his intention to stay in Miami.

Dwight Howard is the exact same way, which is why you do not see me extolling the virtues of his soft-ass self.

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 06.18.2014 04:24 PM

You know that Lebron has spoken out about social issues and indeed internal NBA players' association politics advocating more than probably any player in NBA history, unlike Jordan who refused to ever take a public stance on social issues lest he ruin his shoe brand??

Again, you're just a hater, how about respecting greatness rather than shitting on it? We can spend days shit talking all-time great players, we can spend days documenting the failures of Magic, Bird, Kobe, Shaq, Hakeem, Wilt, Oscar Robertson, Elgin and Jerry, but we don't do we. Nobody EVER brings up Kobe's losses anymore do they, nobody even mentions Jordan losing to the Bad Boys all those years.. They won enough to settle that. If folks think Lebron hasn't won enough to settle his downfalls in the past, then fuck it, folks are literally blind hating. Its the definition of poor sportsmanship.

I LOVE Hakeem the Dream, in fact, he is crucial to Lebron developing a lethal post-up game up on the block, but I don't dwell on Hakeem's failures the way folks like you seem to dwell on Lebron's failures. I DESPISE the Celtics, but I've never disrespected their accomplishments, and I've always been careful not to shit on their losses lest I appear foolish in the future..

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 06.18.2014 04:27 PM

He's not talking shit about leaving, he is just not giving an inch abou the negotiations financially. Its NBA business in the post-2011 CBA..

Players use other teams' offers to boost their own contract negotiations. Lebron would literally be FOOLISH NOT to have a wait and see public approach, even if he personally has 100% intentions to stay in Miami, because by leaving the window open it allows for OTHER teams to field offers which will boost his own position in the negotiations, or what, should players NOT have the power to help decide their own finances?

Lebron is making less money than TWENTY other players in the NBA, yet he is the #1 selling shoe/jersey/tickets at the gate draw in the NBA.. Kobe just got $50 MILLION and he doesn't even play. Why should Lebron rob himself just to appease your ego?

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 06.18.2014 07:55 PM

From 1982-1985 the Lakers had 4 consecutive Finals appearances. They went 2-2.

From 1984-1987 the Celtics had 4 consecutive Finals appearances. They went 2-2.

These two eras of these two teams are considered some of the best teams in NBA history, even compared to the 1990s Bulls or the 1960s Celtics...

From 2010-2014 the Miami Heat had 4 consecutive Finals appearances. They went 2-2.

Of the previous EIGHT NBA Finals rematches the team that lost the first series went on to win the second series six of those times, including the above Lakers and Celtics teams.

While the 1960s Celtics teams won nine consecutive Finals appearances, I think we all agree that it was an entirely different league competition wise. This doesn't discredit or disregard what that Celtics team did, but it means we can't really use it as a frame of reference of comparison.

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 06.18.2014 08:02 PM

Oh yeah, please remind me what Heat's Finals record is overall?


What is the Houston Rockets again?



Rob Instigator 06.19.2014 08:29 AM

what I do not want is Carmelo Anthony on the Rockets. We don;t need another chucker!

Rob Instigator 06.19.2014 09:02 AM

with my luck, LeBron will become a Houston Rocket next year....

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 06.19.2014 11:29 AM

So, y'all still want to focus on shit talking great players and nitpicking?

What about those two years in a row that Hakeem followed up his 86 Finals Appearance by getting swept by the Lakers, maybe he should have just left the Rockets in shame, how dare he lose some big games like that, what a fucking loser ;)

(1) Loses rookie of the year vote
(2) Loses in NBA Finals in 1986
(3) Loses to Mavs (of all teams!!) even when having led the NBA in rebounds
(4) Gets swept by the Lakers back-to-back years in playoffs
(5) MISSES playoffs
(6) Rockets management accuses Hakeem of faking hamstring injury
(7) Chokes in big Game 7 chance to go to Western Finals by losing to Sonics
(8) Loses MVP race to Charles Barkley's fat ass
(9) Follows up Championship seasons with big playoff loss again to Sonics
(10) Loses to Jazz in Western Finals, big time choker..
(11) Signs Pippen and long time rival Charles Barkley, still lose to Jazz

See, we can shit on greatness whenever we want to focus on that. I love Hakeem, and rightfully put him on the list of 20 ALL-TIME greatest players, yet if we want to focus on his failures rather than his all-time great stat records and back to back championships well, we can do that and distort reality to suit our hater ass agenda.

Rob Instigator 06.19.2014 11:53 AM

After 86 season half of the Twin Towers (Ralph Sampson) was injured and gone, several players were gone from Rockets for cocaine use, and the team imploded. Dream stayed with the team and fought and got better and better.

In 86 Finals Dream was in his second year. They beat the Lakers 4-1 to go to Finals.

He was only other person other than Jordan (GOAT) to even get votes in rookie of year ballots.

Dream lost several MVP races because of media bias against Houston teams. He deserved in several times. Dream was never a braggart, never did anything to try and focus attention on him. He never stated that he would win "not one, not two, not three..." championships. He was not a made-for-TV product.

Dream and Tom Duncan share a lot of the same traits.

In 94 and 95 (championship years) he was the only Rocket All-Star.

I posit that the very best players make those around them rise up to greatness themselves. Jordan did that with his team mates, Dream did that. They both led by example and hard work, not by TALK.

LeBron has not shown that he makes his teammates better. That is truly the only knock I have about his game. His public persona? I have a shitton of knocks against that shit!

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 06.19.2014 12:08 PM

You're making excuses and entirely missing my point. I was being a needlessly hostile prick about Hakeem simply to point out how foolish you look for laughing at lebron. I respect, indeed ADORE Hakeem, loses, wins and all. I feel the same way about Lebron, and much like Hakeem's "excuses" combined with his back to back rings I FEEL validates his career and greatness, so to did Lebron winning back to back...


Rob Instigator 06.19.2014 01:05 PM


Originally Posted by SuchFriendsAreDangerous
You're making excuses and entirely missing my point. I was being a needlessly hostile prick about Hakeem simply to point out how foolish you look for laughing at lebron. I respect, indeed ADORE Hakeem, loses, wins and all. I feel the same way about Lebron, and much like Hakeem's "excuses" combined with his back to back rings I FEEL validates his career and greatness, so to did Lebron winning back to back...


I can dig it. It was funny! Not as funny as BronBrons perpetually rising headband but funny.

LeBron does not need validation. what he needs is to find an organization that will really build around him and his talents. Miami is not the place.

Rob Instigator 06.19.2014 01:44 PM


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