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greenlight 11.26.2019 04:40 PM

Nate the K. is beyond excited to be chatting with the one and only Thurston Moore about his epic new triple-disc, instrumental face-melter, ‘SPIRIT COUNSEL’ (featuring the hour-long track "Alice Moki Jayne”, played in full recently on Burn It Down!). Moore will also discuss his upcoming tour in support of the album, plus, if we're lucky, early midwestern American hardcore, the potency of the acid at the Desolation Center festival, and the worst food he ever ate on the road. Tune in on Tuesday, November 26!

The Soup Nazi 11.27.2019 01:45 AM


greenlight 11.28.2019 03:36 PM

listen, great setlist. have a look.

Sonic Youth Schizophrenia Options Hold That Tiger Goofin'/Father Yod Live in Chicago 10-14-87 0:00:00 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
8 Eyed Spy Lazy in Love Options 8 Eyed Spy Atavistic 0:06:52 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
Kaputt Rats Options Carnage Hall Upset The Rhythm 0:09:44 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
Staches Great Depression/Fake Stomach Ache Options This Lake Is Pointless Six Tonnes De Chair Records 0:13:09 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
Theoretical Girls U.S. Millie Options Theoretical Girls Acute 0:18:31 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
Battles Titanium 2 Step Options Juice B Crypts Warp feat. Sal Principato of Liquid Liquid * 0:19:44 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
Sounds of Liberation Billie 1 Options Sounds of Liberation 0:23:47 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
Booker T. & the M.G.'s Chinese Checkers Options Soul Dressing 0:27:17 (MP3 | Pop‑up)

Sonic Youth The Empty Page Options Murray Street DGC 2002 0:33:40 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
Thurston Moore Leave Me Alone Options New Order cover and the B-side to a series of 7-inches coming out on Daydream Library * 0:37:28 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
Patti Smith Free Money Options Horses 0:41:39 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
Dim Stars Baby Huey Options Dim Stars Featuring Richard Hell, Don Fleming, and Thurston & Steve 0:45:19 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
Sonic Youth Hot Wire My Heart Options Sister Crime cover 0:48:20 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
Sonic Youth Expressway To Yr Skull Options Evol Goofin' aka "Madonna, Sean and Me" 0:53:31 (MP3 | Pop‑up)

Thurston Moore Interview Part 1: Talkin' "Spirit Counsel"
Glenn Branca First Movement Options Symphony No. 1 (Tonal Plexus) 1:29:50 (MP3 | Pop‑up)

Thurston Moore Interview Part 2: Talkin' Both Kinds of Music—Punk and Rock
Black Flag Jealous Again Options Jealous Again ep SST 2:07:46 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
The Faith Its Time/Face to Face/Trapped/In Control Options Faith/Void split 12" Dischord 2:09:49 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
Negative Approach Lead Song Options Total Recall Touch & Go 2:13:28 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
Adolescents Amoeba Options Adolescents 2:14:53 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
Crucifucks Hinkley Had a Vision Options Crucifucks 2:17:59 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
Foster Care Rack Brain Options El Abuso Total Punk * 2:20:51 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
Big Boys Common Beat Options 2:22:47 (MP3 | Pop‑up)

The Mekons Hard To Be Human Again Options Transmission from the Love Room: WFMU Sessions 2008-2018 2:34:22 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
Wives The 20 Teens Options So Removed City Slang * 2:39:22 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
The Jay Vons My Mamma (She was Right) Options The Word La Castanya * 2:42:23 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
Brother Randy Wilson It's Going to Pay Options No Other Love: Midwest Gospel (1965-1978) Tompkins Square 2:46:26 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
Helena Ferguson Where Is The Party? Options Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures Volume 5 2:47:46 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
Jim Sullivan Jerome Options If The Evening Were Dawn Light in the Attic Acoustic versions of tracks that would become"UFO." * 2:50:34 (MP3 | Pop‑up)
Stefan Christensen Ode to Roberts of Daggett Options The Upcoming Flame Bruit Direct Disques

I still think radio is the best concept/format ever

The Soup Nazi 11.28.2019 03:38 PM

Many thanks!

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