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pantophobia 08.09.2006 04:02 PM

Sleater-Kinney pics from 8-3-06
the tuesday show on the 1st was postponed due to the hetwave overheating the transformer, but 2 days later, amazing





krastian 08.09.2006 06:30 PM

God damn I wanted to go to that....thanks for posting. How long was the set?

Fantinfind 08.11.2006 09:05 PM

Two hours, entire The Woods and lots more, amazing is an understatement.
French Toast (2/3) was pretty cool too.
Anybody with a setlist?
Did you go tuesday and miss thursday?

Pax Americana 08.12.2006 10:52 AM

Cool pictures, I'm sad that I'll never get to see them now that they're calling it quits.

Cantankerous 08.12.2006 10:53 AM

i thought they quit?

they were okay at coachella.

krastian 08.12.2006 02:09 PM

^It was one of their last shows before finishing up in Portland tonight.

schizophrenicroom 08.12.2006 02:25 PM

so tonight is their last gig ever, krastian?

very neat pics :)

krastian 08.12.2006 02:30 PM

You got'r....they played there last night too.

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