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Toilet & Bowels 12.08.2017 09:29 AM

Wingtip Sloat, A 90s Band that Meets Your Requirements
I had never heard of this 90s band, Wingtip Sloat until pretty recently, like a few weeks ago. They sound pretty much like Slanted and Enchanted Pavement meets Unwound, and if you ask me are on a par with either of those. I'm kind of suprised I've never seen their name mentioned here before. They put stuff out on VHF, a known decent label. Shocker!

It seems like for the greater good of humanity VHF has put up a bunch of stuff from their back catalogue up on to soundcloud. So here is a Wingtip Sloat album, it has 30 tracks and is excellent. I hope you enjoy it.

guest 12.09.2017 07:39 AM

yeah grand stuff, always saw them in that same lil continuum of crapped-out punk-leaning stuff as thomas jefferson slave apartments and to a lesser extent the other ohio guys, then like cheater slicks, potentially moving into that same mentality as a band like the axemen....

regardless great great stuff this

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