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SonikJesus 12.22.2011 01:45 AM

lee ranaldo - the bridge

maybe you've heard this but I thought it was awesome. Wanna get into Lee's solo shit. Suggestions

blunderbuss 12.22.2011 01:51 AM

East Jesus, which features The Bridge, is as a good a start as any, followed by Dirty Windows and Amarillo Ramp.

In my opinion, there is no such thing as a Lee album to avoid, they're all brilliant.

stu666 12.22.2011 03:04 AM


jennthebenn 12.22.2011 12:31 PM

What Blunderbuss said, all of that. "Dirty Windows" is my fave Lee rec, at least for now.

SonikJesus 12.23.2011 05:01 AM

Totally forgot I hav Amarillo Ramp. Gonna Chek it. Will get those mentioned. Thanks

EVOLghost 12.23.2011 05:14 AM

blee branaldo.

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