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krastian 06.27.2006 02:21 AM

I don't play as much as I could, but yeah I have a light blue Mexican made Strat that I got in 7th grade because it reminded me of the one Billy Corgan played.....ha ha.

I also have a really nice electric-acoustic Ibanez that I'm not even sure of the model. I bought it a few years ago for like 375, but I got a really good deal on it because my bandmate worked at the music store and got stuff for pretty much what the store paid.....I think they were selling it for 790 or so.

shentov 06.27.2006 02:47 AM


Originally Posted by CHOUT
Passive electronics with stock humbucker pickup. Sounds phenominal - that quintessential P Bass midrange growl. I decided with this bass that I prefer passive to active electronics.

i have always prefered passive electronics for a groovy flat r'n'r sound.

CHOUT 06.27.2006 03:09 AM


Originally Posted by shentov
i have always prefered passive electronics for a groovy flat r'n'r sound.

Yep, I have two basses with active, and I find myself always fiddling with the tone knobs trying to get a better sound. Also passive pickups have a better low end when you play really high notes.

youthoftomorrow 06.27.2006 03:34 AM


my almighty lefty purple Squier Strat. i had an Ibanez humbucker from my friend's guitar put in the neck.

EDIT: photobucket fucking hates me. it always makes the pics that i like too small, NEVER the ones that i don't.

king_buzzo 06.27.2006 03:38 AM

i love yr guitars fellow members...

king_buzzo 02.02.2007 11:06 AM

you can order them in music stores, or if youre lucky you'll find one. i've seen quite a few in paris.


2006 cij jazzmaster

normal jazzmaster setup, switches and stuff
broken trem (replacing)
nail polish in bridge! best trick ever!





heavium 02.02.2007 02:09 PM

gear..guitarwise then...

Fender CIJ '69RI Mustang

Fender MIA Precision Bass '05

Yamaha BBNII 5string bass

lefty !

also have an old Epi Les Paul in honeyburst (when they still came with gibson pickups) lying around but i hate it compared to the mustang so i'm selling it, i have a jag or a nice archtop on the want-list :-)

finding nobody 02.02.2007 11:21 PM

Very nice jazzmasters everyone. You're lefties are cool heavium!
Here's my weapon of choice:
Fender Stratocaster (made in mexico)




R2-D2 Sticker on the fretboard
Lotsa other stickers on the back
Laced with strings gauges .12 to .52

king_buzzo 02.03.2007 06:05 AM

nice sticks!

finding nobody 02.03.2007 10:47 AM

Thank ya. There's been more added sense this picture was taken. A big red beatles sticker on the right. And a couple small ones

finding nobody 02.03.2007 10:54 AM


More stuff
From right to left
Cheap first act acoustic. I love the way it riiiings
Left handed Ibanez strat copy
old Yamaha that belonged to my grandpa
no name electric acoustic tuned to ACCGG#C
Samick Gibson copy


Jay G. around 50 years old (i think) won off ebay

king_buzzo 02.03.2007 11:00 AM

nice guitars

Sonic Youth 37 02.03.2007 09:58 PM

The usual's

2003 Squier Tele and 1963 Teisco Del Ray WG-2L

You can also see two of my pedals

Up Close, without stickersss



Inhuman 02.03.2007 10:08 PM

Hey, if anyone wants guitar stickers made, I can probably include them in the next mix swap and the host can send them off. I can do them for free because my college program has all the material. Just send over the picture and let me know where you want it.

I plan to do my entire guitar soon!

king_buzzo 02.14.2007 03:02 AM


Originally Posted by Kegmama

I like this thread... A lot.


ZEROpumpkins 02.14.2007 04:46 AM

'92/'93 Fender Telecaster Standard. Just got it second hand for a really good price.


My other guitar is a Strat rip off, that is the exact same as a strat but it doesn't sound as good. I've bought some nice Fender pickups off Ebay and am hoping to fit them on. Then I'm buying Fender everything and making it a Strat. By the end of the year, I am hoping to own a Fender Mustang and a Jazzmaster by the end of the year.

Shitty Practise Amp
Electro Harmonix Big Muff Pi
Digitech Rp-80
Shitty Distortion fuzz box (That sounds pretty darn good)
Jim Dunlop Capo
Ashton Capo
And two slides of forgettable brands

king_buzzo 02.14.2007 05:17 AM

sexy. i want one.

Torn Curtain 02.14.2007 02:02 PM

My 2005 CIJ Sunburst Jazzmaster:


.10/.46 strings
Mods: US RI Pickups (hence the aged-white covers that don't fit with the knobs), Mustang bridge and buzz stop (the Mustang bridge was not enough...).
Amp: VOX Valvetronix 60ADVT

king_buzzo 02.14.2007 02:08 PM

were guitar budddy's

only i need to put a tom in mine and im gonna get some usa pickups or curtis novak pickups

king_buzzo 02.14.2007 02:09 PM

put the knobs and the switch in some dark cold tea and leave them there to pick up the vintage color...

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