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EVOLghost 05.08.2011 12:56 PM


Originally Posted by Inhuman
Kickass, I'm seeing them this summer. And also these badboys:

Daniel Higgs
Volcano The Bear
Keiji Haino
Harris Newman
Peter Brotzmann
M. Ward

Perhaps these if I go to ATP:
A Silver Mt. Zion
Ultramagnetic MC's
Jeff Mangum

woah where is Keiji Haino playing?

a-p a. niemi 05.10.2011 08:46 AM

Seeing SWANS today. Their first gig in Finland. Ever.

DaveCromwell 05.31.2011 09:48 PM

Sonic Youth
Williamsburg Waterfront
August 12

Jeremy 06.01.2011 09:31 AM

Saw Guitar Wolf last night for the second time. Those guys are LOUD.


stu666 06.01.2011 09:41 AM

hopefully Shonen Knife in August

hirsute_biped 06.02.2011 09:16 PM

earth (maybe twice)
earthless/astra (maybe)

_slavo_ 06.03.2011 07:03 AM

i played as a support for John Wiese yesterday.

it was awesome, especially because my set was way better than Wiese's :)

_slavo_ 06.03.2011 08:21 AM

i don't think so. he seemed bored though (and so was his music, heh)

narlus 06.03.2011 09:08 AM

melvins tonight. and tomorrow night.

atsonicpark 06.03.2011 09:15 AM

vivian girls were great

seeing kurt vile soon

hipster_bebop_junkie 06.08.2011 05:14 PM

Portishead to play Mexico, October 15

08 Jun 2011
Portishead will play at the Corona Festival in Mexico City
October 15 2011

I gotta be there.

stu666 06.09.2011 11:52 AM

Sic Alps at The Blue Room, Ipswich August 28th

stu666 06.10.2011 10:20 AM

just saw this today, i think i will go.

Emeralds + Fennesz at the Union Chapel

Pelle 06.11.2011 06:05 AM

Saw Ringo Starr last night.

He was pretty good. Cool to have seen a beatle in real life.

Bertrand 06.12.2011 08:35 PM

Saw the Blues Explosion - they can still perform and deliver; yet there seemed to be some tension between Bauer & Spencer, Judah kinda sick of the latter; a song called Help I never heard before

Saw the Hives just after that...

Pelle 06.18.2011 06:58 AM

Red Hot chili peppers - stockholm 11 Oct
Motörhead - gothenburg 9 December

krischanski 06.23.2011 06:13 AM

saw D.R.I. yesterday

auto-aim 06.23.2011 06:46 AM

I'm going to Warpaint tonight and Battles on Sunday

chicka 06.23.2011 12:29 PM

Sonic Youth 8/12/2011 Brooklyn N.Y. Williamsburg Waterfront

also slated to appear Kurt Vile and Wild Flag.

Hopefully they've put the Eternal Set in the vault and play some nuggets.
I myself can always go for a good dose of InHuman......

HECKLER SPRAY 06.28.2011 07:34 PM

During my trip in New York the last two weeks, I saw Dino Jr performing "Bug" entirely. That was great.
The first and second part, OFF ! and Fucked up (hardcore bands) were... ok. Not my cup of tea.
Henri Rollins managed to make his interview both interesting and funny.
Dino Jr did a really good show despite the shitty accoustics of Terminal 5, and they even play "don't" with a guy from the audience screaming instead of Lou, that was crazy awesome !!!
Talking about the audience, you guys in the US are way better than in France, congrats, I enjoyed this gig !!!

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