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jon boy 11.22.2007 04:45 PM

i can see thm more yes and i have seen circle twice so its a real dilemma, flatworm of error i have not seen so maybe them. aahhh shit i will just make up my mind on the night.

FruitLoop 11.22.2007 05:22 PM

Hopefully I'll see the Frode Gjerstad Trio on December 19. Gjerstad on horns, Řyvind Storesund on bass and Paal Nilsen-Love on drums. They're doing a few dates in the Midwest, then Toronto and Montreal. I haven't been to a small, intimate jazz concert in ages so I'm really looking forward to it!

Everyneurotic 11.24.2007 01:06 AM

so dios (malos) was postponed because the venue it was supposed to be at got shut down yesterday or something and it got moved to the fucking other side of the city. i'm not going anymore and it left me stranded at home for the night.

damn it.

ondskan 11.24.2007 10:43 AM

Queens of the Stone Age in Stockholm, February 25'th

val-holla-ing 11.24.2007 11:24 AM

the only thing i have coming up is melt banana on next friday.

The Usher 11.28.2007 05:04 AM

Morrissey @ The Roundhouse 23/1/08

and Thurston @ Scala

tesla69 11.28.2007 11:32 AM

Zaimph & Acre Issue Project Room 11/29
White Out/Sunburned & and/or Jack Rose 12/1 (plan to hit White Out then buzz under the river to see Jack)
Intl Shades @Luna 12/7
Psychedelic Horseshit/Blues Control or Major Stars 12/8 tough decision this night
ANNA RAMPAGE (Flaherty / Bill Nace / Greg Kelley) 12/9 Jimmy's

val-holla-ing 11.28.2007 11:49 AM

melt-banana c'est tonight!

Inhuman 11.28.2007 11:59 AM

Have fun at Melt Banana!

12/06 - Parade @ Avant Garde Bar - AA/8pm/$8
12/08 - Kingdom Shore (record release), Sinequanon, Simon Guibord @ Avant Garde Bar - AA/8pm/$8
And in May 2008 I'm seeing the Cure.

I don't know Parade, but they're playing at the Avante Garde so I know it should be something good. Kindom Shore is a good free Jazz group, and Simon Guibord is my brother's friend that does excellent electronica sets

Toxa 11.28.2007 12:14 PM

12/09/07 - The National
02/17/08 - Mats Gustafsson's The Thing

Torn Curtain 12.07.2007 07:36 AM

An Pierlé (for the fourth time :D) at Angers on the 13th of December.

_slavo_ 12.07.2007 08:44 AM

Jesu this Sunday in Prague.

Fucking excited.

king_buzzo 12.07.2007 08:51 AM


Originally Posted by _slavo_
Jesu this Sunday in Prague.

Fucking excited.

seeing them next saturday night. sunn o))) is on the same festival so is the guy from the swans and a lot of other shit. \\


fugazifan 12.07.2007 10:08 AM

saw om two nights ago. twas amazing. an amazing show. they played at j'lems local scenster hangout. there were maybe 40 people in the audiance and it was packed (its a very small place) om played for 40 minutes (2 songs) the took a 25 minute break while another band played. then they came back and played for at least another two hours. they were so stoked to be playing in jerusalem that they just wouldnt stop. they said that we are the bestaudiance they ever played for (blah blah blah) but they recorded the show and are going to make it an official release! we left befopre they finished because they started playing some songs twice so it would sound better for the album. but it was so fucking great. an incredible experiance. it was like meditating with the repetition and minimalistic bass lines and chanting. they said that they will be back next december and every december for the next 40 years. im not sure if they will really be back, but they sure had a great time. i bought variations on a theme (which they signed) amazing amazing amazing

HaydenAsche 12.07.2007 10:19 AM

I just went to Madlib a little while back. I'm going to comeback kid this weekend.

Ripchord 12.08.2007 09:49 PM

01/02- Old Springs Pike
01/03- Old Springs Pike
01/04- Old Springs Pike
03/09- Elizabeth and The Catapult w/ Old Springs Pike
03/21- Tilly and The Wall w/ Capgun Coup

I need friends.

uhler 12.10.2007 10:13 AM

i'm going to see joe lally (bassist from fugazi) on the 22nd of feb. in gville.

Florya 12.10.2007 12:16 PM

Antenna Farm
Scotch Egg
@ Fabrica Gallery - Brighton - 21st December.

screamingskull 12.16.2007 08:55 AM

February 26th - The Eels
April 19th - Presidents of the United States of America

sonicl 01.01.2008 03:01 AM

January: Dalek
March: Kristen Hersh

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