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Inhuman 01.08.2007 02:40 AM

SY Gossip Yearbook?
Whatever happened to it?

SynthethicalY 01.08.2007 02:41 AM

K-krack got ridiculed for it, so he stopped. People where getting annoyed. I want to see it revived.

Inhuman 01.08.2007 02:44 AM

oohhh, never knew. It would be nice to see it revived; as long as there's no negative categories. I scored "Biggest Copycat" and somehow "biggest attitude problem" back in high school, although I'm sure the latter was a joke.

SynthethicalY 01.08.2007 02:45 AM

Here is the thread where they made fun of it. ok

Inhuman 01.08.2007 02:48 AM

oh yeah, I forgot about that thread. I didn't know it caused trouble with the process of the actual yearbook though.

Anyway, I'm going to try and get to bed again. Have a good one!

SynthethicalY 01.08.2007 02:50 AM

You too I am going to bed too later .

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