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porkmarras 01.06.2007 05:46 PM

Post your mixes
For those who don't participate to the mixtape exchange.Possibly in mp3(faster download) and with a tracklist.Theme them if you like and try keeping them around 45 mins/1 hr long if you can.
Here's mine:

Gal Costa-Nao Identificado
Saint Etienne-You're In A Bad Way
Hypo-Grand Piano
Galina Durmushliyska- Radka
Mira Calix-The Stockholm Syndrome
Boris-Yesterday Morning
Impious-Thy Curse Upon Thee
Violeta Outono-Citadel
Improved Sound Limited-Silver Circles
Brenda Fassie-Vulindlela
Xperience-The People's Anthem
Martin Rev -Mari


_slavo_ 01.06.2007 06:41 PM

sounds good, porkie, keep the thread alive.

I'll make a mix tomorrow and post it on Monday.

porkmarras 01.06.2007 06:55 PM

I'll sure do.Thanks,i really love the mix i made and i will keep on bumping it and keeping an ear open to whatever is posted if anything is posted at all.

racehorse 01.06.2007 07:03 PM

fantastic mix, i want to do one however i'm oblivious as to how to make a mix that is just one mp3 track...
can anyone help?

porkmarras 01.06.2007 07:12 PM

Well,get some software like Soundforge or Cool Edit Pro and it's all about plugging the right stuff into the right socket so you can convert and manipulate the songs as you like.A bit of a headache to be honest,but it's worth the effort.I have to say that i adore my mix so much i listened to it for 10 times in a row.I'm looking forward to others being posted.

racehorse 01.06.2007 07:24 PM

i might just put it on a tape and record the tape direct into the computer.
mine will be uploaded oneday.

porkmarras 01.06.2007 07:25 PM

Yeah,that's another way of doing it.

porkmarras 01.06.2007 07:57 PM

That's very sweet of you,thanks.

porkmarras 01.06.2007 08:48 PM

Listening.Not only there isn't a daft track on it so far but you get major points for putting on it one of the few Nick Drake tracks that i like.Excellence itself.

racehorse 01.06.2007 08:50 PM

downloading now......

porkmarras 01.06.2007 08:53 PM

This is fucking excellent.Thank you.

Tokolosh 01.07.2007 06:46 AM

I'm listening to it now. Very nice mix pork. Thanks.
Downloading Sn@kes mix now.

PAULYBEE2656 01.07.2007 06:55 AM

great idea folks. i may do one soon but not today.........

porkmarras 01.07.2007 11:31 AM

Bump!Waiting for mixes you lazy sods.

HaydenAsche 01.07.2007 11:33 AM

I'll make one a tad later. This'll be fun and that jazz.

Glice 01.07.2007 12:09 PM

Listened to Porky's mix, shall endeavour to do serpiente's later. Trés bien Mr Marras. I forgot how lovely St Etienne could be.

I will not even pretend I'm going to make one, as I am a complete computer death-hole.

porkmarras 01.07.2007 12:12 PM

Oh,c'mon Glice!Get your arse into gear.It really is the same process of making a mixtape but you use stuff like Mixmeister and stuff.

_slavo_ 01.09.2007 06:09 AM

ahhh shit
I'll try to do mine sometime this week
this is how it is when you're going out every ain't got time to do shit.

lucyrulesok 01.09.2007 06:27 AM

downloading these now with much excitement.
i will try and make one a bit later but knowing my computer skills i will probably fail miserably

porkmarras 01.09.2007 06:55 AM

Go for it lucy!By the way,would you please send me the address of that place you were talking about in the London Gig Guide thread ?Many Thanks.

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