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EMMAh 03.22.2006 04:59 PM

Post a Picture of Yourself

SpectralJulianIsNotDead 03.22.2006 05:38 PM

I'm tired of posting the same old pictures of myself. Time to take a new one I guess. Even though the old one is only a few weeks old.

Savage Clone 03.22.2006 05:44 PM

From last Saturday. In blue, as oppoed to my usual all black all the time:


Gulasch Noir 03.22.2006 06:04 PM


hey alex 03.22.2006 06:28 PM


like, two years ago

truncated 03.22.2006 08:54 PM


truncated 03.22.2006 08:55 PM

I'm not happy with the highlights. They make my ears look big.

HaydenAsche 03.22.2006 08:56 PM


Yeah, That's me standing like a queer. The one in the Radiohead Shirt.

SpectralJulianIsNotDead 03.22.2006 09:45 PM

Savage Clone, I like that guitar in the stand, what make is that?

Anyways, I decided to be different this time around and post a video of myself playing one of my songs! The lighting sucks, next time I do this it will have to be on a bright day. The internal mic isn't bad on my digital camera.

HaydenAsche 03.22.2006 09:46 PM

Just post a link. That kind of code doesn't work on this forum.

johnnywinternoshow 03.22.2006 09:51 PM

nothing? nothing?! tra-la-la

those fire swamp creatures freaked me out as a kid

truncated 03.22.2006 10:07 PM


They are called "Fireys," and they are delightful, in spite of their capability to decapitate themselves.

"Labyrinth" is one of the best films of all time.

Don't judge me poorly because I resemble a firey. You think I asked to be born with such unruly hair?

Savage Clone 03.22.2006 10:14 PM

That is my 1966 Vox Cheetah.
It has built-in fuzz and repeater!

Dark Crystal kicks Labyrinth's ass, fantasy-muppet speaking.

truncated 03.22.2006 10:23 PM


Originally Posted by Savage Clone
Dark Crystal kicks Labyrinth's ass, fantasy-muppet speaking.

Maybe - I haven't seen that movie in its entirety yet. But Labyrinth is still a damn good film.

SpectralJulianIsNotDead 03.22.2006 10:26 PM


Originally Posted by HaydenAsche
Just post a link. That kind of code doesn't work on this forum.

Yeah. I immediately realized that and changed it. ;)

My last practice before adding a bassist.

SpectralJulianIsNotDead 03.22.2006 10:31 PM

Did it come with built in fuzz and repeater or did you add that? I am really interested now

Savage Clone 03.22.2006 10:34 PM

That is stock, just as is rolled off the line.
Some of the other models have a hand/wah that you operate with the palm of your picking hand; I wish mine had that instead of the bigsby tremolo, but it's damn cool in any case. It also has a bass/treble booster and an E tuner built in.
Vox was pretty innovative.
My Gibson ES 335 is a way "nicer" guitar, overall quality wise, but the Vox is super cool and I will never part with it. I got it in the fall of 1989.

qprogeny79 03.22.2006 10:45 PM


SpectralJulianIsNotDead 03.22.2006 11:03 PM

I am so sold on getting one, hopefully I will find one at a time when I have money.

Gibson Es-335s are really great. My Dad sold his cousin's '66 awhile back, and he let me play on it, it really sung.

How would you rate the quality of it though overall? I like several brands of 60's and 70's japanese guitars a lot, mainly because they sound good, are super cheap, and for the most part stay in tune.

Also, how hard is it to work on the electronics? I have an ES-335 copy and I redid all the electronics in it, and it was a complete bitch. It would be really cool to turn the wah bar into a wireless expression pedal.

Oh, the things I would do if I had money.

dietzer123 03.22.2006 11:11 PM

emmah, i have a male friend who wears teh exact same coat you're wearing in the second pic. that makes me giggle

noumenal 03.22.2006 11:21 PM

This is me RIGHT NOW:


HaydenAsche 03.22.2006 11:22 PM

That is hot, noumenal.

noumenal 03.22.2006 11:33 PM

I only charge $5 to sniff the chair.

SpectralJulianIsNotDead 03.22.2006 11:56 PM

Also savage, what exactly does the percussion repeater do?

shentov 03.23.2006 06:33 AM


last picture, trying to look angry.

toxic johnny 03.23.2006 07:05 AM


This is me in New York last year jet lagged and hung over trying to decide which breakfast combination to have... yes it's a little taxing for us limey's who aren't used to so much choice.

screamingskull 03.23.2006 07:11 AM


Rob Instigator 03.23.2006 09:24 AM

I am the one on the left


Savage Clone 03.23.2006 09:50 AM


_slavo_ 03.23.2006 10:13 AM

EMMA, you're such a nice looking lady!

that's me, monster in dim lights:


nature scene 03.23.2006 11:01 AM

No computer genius here: how do you put a picture in a post?

_slavo_ 03.23.2006 11:10 AM


Originally Posted by nature scene
No computer genius here: how do you put a picture in a post?

you go to the post office a put the picture on the table.

ha ha ha how fuckn funny I am.

in the 'message' window see the icons above the text field and click on the yellow one that says 'Insert Image'. that's about it.

nature scene 03.23.2006 12:31 PM

So your picture has to be online? Can't just upload from a computer?

Disgruntled Youth 03.23.2006 12:35 PM





Everyneurotic 03.23.2006 12:40 PM

nice video game collection, disgruntled

the rest of your stuff ain't too shabby either

Inhuman 03.23.2006 12:41 PM


RockerNino 03.23.2006 12:43 PM

heres me, a friend, and a roommate


Inhuman 03.23.2006 12:46 PM

The one in the middle is amazing; is it you?

screamingskull 03.23.2006 12:51 PM

he could be an extra from Napoleon Dynamite in those trousers. ha ha.

(no offence, im ment it nicely)

Hip Priest 03.23.2006 01:42 PM




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