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drrrtyboots 07.12.2007 06:51 PM

Danny, you as a clown makes me think of being really young and hiding under the covers from the big bad thunderstorms. Clowns do not frown my friend.

Danny Himself 07.12.2007 07:13 PM

Well the girl who took it just said "HEY DANNY LOOK" and I turned around and she took it. I won that clown nose at a game of bingo. I had to go on stage and tell them what number house the simpsons live at on evergreen terrace.

drrrtyboots 07.12.2007 09:39 PM

Well then congratulations then I guess but just try and turn that frown upside down.

Alex's Trip 07.13.2007 02:59 AM

This is what happens when I get board and listen Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.


I start falling apart in space.

_slavo_ 07.13.2007 03:08 AM

sonicl should be starring in a toothpaste TV ad.

cryptowonderdruginvogue 07.13.2007 03:19 AM


Originally Posted by Rob Instigator
you need some more sleep crypt!

why do you say that?

lalie 07.13.2007 03:54 AM


Originally Posted by sonicl

Moi avec Pimms.


Rob Instigator 07.13.2007 08:41 AM


Originally Posted by sonicl
That's a delicious
refreshing glass of
Pimms and lemonade,
the ideal drink for a
summer's day.

Someone went a bit
over the top with
the fruit though.


and what is Pimms?

schizophrenicroom 07.15.2007 02:31 PM

my signature, lower left-hand corner

Everyneurotic 07.15.2007 08:39 PM

a picture of myself, wot?!!!!!


Danny Himself 07.15.2007 08:43 PM

I imagined you to be bald.

Everyneurotic 07.15.2007 08:46 PM


i had people tell me a similar comment.

Danny Himself 07.15.2007 08:52 PM

I don't know... no hair, no obstruction of the noise?

k-krack 07.15.2007 09:45 PM

Up until now, raw-dick, I figured you didn't actually exist as a proper human entity, but were a mere amalgamation of the souls of dead black metal and harsh noise and shitty radio-pop legends. Apparently not though...
...that's cool...

luxinterior 07.15.2007 10:05 PM


'Tis the season.

luxinterior 07.15.2007 10:13 PM

It is the first picture with my Harry Potter pillow.

drrrtyboots 07.15.2007 10:23 PM

Saturday, i cannot wait.

Sonic Youth 37 07.15.2007 10:25 PM


Originally Posted by drrrtyboots
Saturday, i cannot wait.

I swear, if Lupin dies, I'm off reading for the rest of my life.

luxinterior 07.15.2007 10:35 PM

If Snape dies, which no doubt he will, I will cry for days.

Alex's Trip 07.15.2007 10:36 PM

I can't go to the midnight release. :(

Fucking Sonic Youth had to play on the 20th.

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