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deflinus 02.07.2011 06:05 PM

yea this new album is fucking good. that's all i have to say

seriously, i love it

knox 02.07.2011 07:16 PM

sounding good

hevusa 02.07.2011 08:36 PM


knox 02.07.2011 10:33 PM

im actually quite excited about it? it sounds much better than it did live.

Torn Curtain 02.10.2011 04:42 PM

PJ Harvey Plans Live Webcast

SuperCreep 02.10.2011 08:37 PM

i haven't been able to stop listening to this for the past few days. it's really quite good. definitely sinking in more and more and i'm having new favorites with each listen.

right now, this song is doing it for me:

hipster_bebop_junkie 02.13.2011 03:16 PM

A PJ Harvey interview with the guardian:

Track by track review of "Let England Shake", by the Quietus:

hipster_bebop_junkie 02.14.2011 03:07 PM

The webcast is on. The show will start in a few minutes.

I hope some tech-wizard will be able to capture this. Downloadhelper seems to be of no use for this purpose:(.

Adolfo 02.14.2011 03:34 PM

pretty cool. internet rules!

SuperCreep 02.14.2011 03:40 PM

she is amazing. i love these songs even more live.

hipster_bebop_junkie 02.15.2011 12:06 AM

Pictures of PJ Harvey's February 14, 2011 performance at La Maroquinerie, in Paris, France:



Decayed Rhapsody 02.15.2011 12:12 AM

I like all the new songs live, apart from On Battleship Hill - her singing sounded a bit subdued, but that might have been because she's playing the autoharp.

Meet Ze Monsta sounded lethargic. That song really needs to rip.

nicfit 02.15.2011 03:37 AM

why is she dressed like princess Leia?

Torn Curtain 02.15.2011 06:29 AM

hipster_bebop_junkie 02.15.2011 05:30 PM

Someone uploaded the whole February 14 concert to youboob:

Has anybody come across a torrent of a capture of the original webcast?

knox 02.17.2011 02:24 PM


Originally Posted by hipster_bebop_junkie
Someone uploaded the whole February 14 concert to youboob:

Has anybody come across a torrent of a capture of the original webcast?

doesnt work :(

hipster_bebop_junkie 02.17.2011 02:30 PM


Originally Posted by knox
doesnt work :(

It was taken down due to a complaint by ARTE TV or some such shenanigans. I'm glad i downloaded the .flv video files as soon as they went up. I'll upload the one with the best quality to Megaupload, so you can download it and check it out. I'll edit this post to hook you up with the link as soon as it is ready.

Here you go:

La Maroquinerie
Paris, France
February 14, 2011

.flv video file.
304.78 MB

hipster_bebop_junkie 02.17.2011 03:17 PM

ARTE TV still has available a streaming of six songs at its website:

krastian 02.17.2011 07:07 PM

She really seems to be channeling her inner Siouxsie Sioux on this one.

My copy arrived yesterday and I think it has some really good tracks on it. The album kind of weakens as it goes on, for me. I think I like White Chalk a little better.....there is just something really haunting and beautiful about that one.

I hope the albums grows on me a little more.

krastian 02.17.2011 07:21 PM

Oh! Enga-lannnd!


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