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Florya 06.11.2008 09:46 AM


Everyneurotic 06.11.2008 10:02 AM


and before that it was joanna newsom - ys.


uhler: i think i have a bootleg of the whole gig of that youtube video you posted.

Cantankerous 06.11.2008 11:00 AM


Everyneurotic 06.11.2008 11:06 AM


Cantankerous 06.11.2008 11:11 AM


regardless of how much of a (sexy bitch) twat bobby gillespie is i will always love this record.

EMMAh 06.11.2008 11:36 AM

Rabies - Amebix

stu666 06.11.2008 11:46 AM

Sunburned Hand Of The Man - Sopra L'Influsso

uhler 06.11.2008 03:14 PM


viewtiful_alan 06.11.2008 03:15 PM

Urine Burn by Wolf Eyes.
And my mom's subsequent yelling to "turn that shit off" XD

fluxequalsrad 06.11.2008 03:23 PM


Her voice... not the album

Everyneurotic 06.11.2008 04:54 PM


before this it was amon düül II - yeti and even before that was mystified - uncanny tape.

johnnywinternoshow 06.11.2008 08:09 PM

Colour Haze - All

Fucking amazing, amazing blissed out stoner rock. Not much heaviness but big fat groove after big fat groove after big fat groove. So, so good on headphones.

Here's the first track

Sonic Youth 37 06.11.2008 10:02 PM


gmku 06.11.2008 11:11 PM


Originally Posted by fluxequalsrad

Her voice... not the album

With a body like that, who needs a voice or an album. Good lord.

lechaoscestmoi 06.12.2008 03:20 AM


luisxvi 06.12.2008 03:52 AM

A Sunn O))) live recording from a few years ago. It sounds like a good show.

drrrtyboots 06.12.2008 05:16 AM


And keeping my fingers crossed that I can manage to get some tickets later for the July 4th show.

pbradley 06.12.2008 05:38 AM

nothing, as I've seemed to be for a while now

A Thousand Threads 06.12.2008 05:53 AM


blunderbuss 06.12.2008 06:06 AM

THE GREEN HORNETS - "Sounds From The Dansette"

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