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acousticrock87 02.06.2009 02:04 PM

Subhumans - Worlds Apart

gmku 02.06.2009 02:06 PM

NNCK - Qvaris

How come there's no other NNCK on vinyl? Or CD for that matter? Least ways none I can find.

demonrail666 02.06.2009 02:19 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions

It's Francoise Hardy

noisereductions 02.06.2009 02:23 PM


noisereductions 02.06.2009 02:24 PM

I have one of her records, yo.

atsonicpark 02.06.2009 02:25 PM

yeah i like icky mettle.

sonic sphere 02.06.2009 02:30 PM

the delfonics-definitive collection

Rob Instigator 02.06.2009 02:59 PM

archers of loaf is distorted, overblown guitars, and a singer who sounded like he was a 40 year old chain smoker at 17, when the band started.

Icky mettle, Vee Vee are my favorites, but I love all of it except their last album, White Trash Heroes. it is dull to me.

Their EP's , Archers of Loaf VS. The Greatest Of All Time, and Vitus Tinnitus are fucking great.

AUDIOWHORE (there is like a minute of drone and squeal at first., I love this song)

gmku 02.06.2009 03:26 PM

Who's got some NNCK on vinyl?

Rob Instigator 02.06.2009 03:28 PM


Originally Posted by sonic sphere
the delfonics-definitive collection

gettiong into the slow grooves huh? funky!

atsonicpark 02.06.2009 03:29 PM

richard youngs sapphie

demonrail666 02.06.2009 03:32 PM


gmku 02.06.2009 03:35 PM

So does anybody have any NNCK in their vinyl collection?

noisereductions 02.06.2009 03:38 PM

what the F is NNCK already?

gmku 02.06.2009 03:44 PM

WTF! You haven't heard of the No-Neck Blues Band? They're usually referred to by their self-coined acronym of NNCK.

noisereductions 02.06.2009 03:47 PM

OHHHHHH of course I've heard of them! Wow. Strangely, never seen the acronym so it looked so weird to me. Haha. I thought it was some new shitty MGMT-type band. haha.

gmku 02.06.2009 03:48 PM

So, have you seen any of their stuff? The only thing I've ever been able to dig up on either vinyl or CD is Qvaris, and I have that on LP. I know they were into this underground CD-R thing, but you'd think they'd make a few more things available to the masses on regular formats.

noisereductions 02.06.2009 04:02 PM

^so weird, I was just reading an article talking about just that. But where? Where was I reading this... let me think...

Edit #1: Here's another LP and EP

Rob Instigator 02.06.2009 04:05 PM


Originally Posted by demonrail666

tony williams is one of my favorite drummers ever

demonrail666 02.06.2009 04:05 PM

if you only want stuff on vinyl I dunno. but if you want it on cd then you should find it quite cheap and easily.

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