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PAULYBEE2656 02.06.2009 11:09 AM


noisereductions 02.06.2009 11:15 AM


Originally Posted by HaydenAsche
I like Dedication Gangster Grillz almost equally now.

The first DEDICATION?? I like that one, but DEDICATION 2 is incredible!

batreleaser 02.06.2009 11:28 AM

cecil taylor, pod blotz, doom metal, dead raven choir, etc...

blunderbuss 02.06.2009 11:29 AM

An old tape I found of Einstuerzende Neubauten live at Clapham Grand, 17 April 1993 (the first time I saw them live).

Setlist: Zebulon / Haus der Lüge - Epilog / Rampe / Die Interimsliebenden / Sie / Rampe:Ich bin bereit / Armenia / Ich bin's / Headcleaner / Wüste / Salamandrina / DNA (Wasserturm) / Seele brennt / Letztes Biest (am Himmel) / Ein Stuhl in der Hölle / Der Tod ist ein Dandy


batreleaser 02.06.2009 11:30 AM

lil wayne is almost becoming like the pussy cat dolls of rap, i feel like every time i hear him now i think oh, another fucking lil wayne song that sounds like the last fucking lil wayne song, and there are subliminal messages underneath saying, "lil wayne is the best rapper alive, he is the best rapper ever, he is musically significant, the song you are hearing is brilliant", etc...

noisereductions 02.06.2009 11:57 AM

yeah? good for you.

lechaoscestmoi 02.06.2009 12:01 PM


lechaoscestmoi 02.06.2009 12:03 PM

lil wayne is the best rapper alive
he is the best rapper ever
he is musically significant
the song i am hearing is brilliant

Happy Birthday 02.06.2009 12:10 PM


Lil Wayne kicks my ass so much damn harder than dumb formulaic noise shit.

Derek 02.06.2009 12:11 PM

mass of the fermenting dregs - world is yours
black sabbath - a few albums

lechaoscestmoi 02.06.2009 12:11 PM

weezy > merzbrows

noisereductions 02.06.2009 12:12 PM

500 DEGREEZ is a great album.

uhler 02.06.2009 12:25 PM

i didn't know lil wayne was this well liked.

noisereductions 02.06.2009 12:32 PM

I genuinely think he's incredible. But whatever. A bunch of ppl are going to quote this post and go on and on about how he's generic mainstream radio sellout or whatever. So believe them if you want. I've been a fan for a long time, and listen to his shiz a lot.

EvdWee 02.06.2009 01:09 PM

modern jazz by eddie davis

uhler 02.06.2009 01:24 PM

chain and the gang- trash talk

Rob Instigator 02.06.2009 01:24 PM




noisereductions 02.06.2009 01:30 PM

what's Archers of Loaf like? Neever got into em.

demonrail666 02.06.2009 01:32 PM

I always thought Icky Mettle was great.

noisereductions 02.06.2009 01:40 PM


Originally Posted by demonrail666
I always thought Icky Mettle was great.


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