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stu666 02.03.2009 02:46 AM


stu666 02.03.2009 03:36 AM

Moon Pie

sonic sphere 02.03.2009 07:41 AM

monks-black monk time

noisereductions 02.03.2009 09:21 AM


Originally Posted by Dr. Eugene Felikson


what a great combo! SMASH YOUR HEAD is one of my favorite Sebadoh albums.

sonic sphere 02.03.2009 09:33 AM

nuclear assault-game over/the plague

jimbrim 02.03.2009 09:49 AM

MV+EE - Drone Trailer

EvdWee 02.03.2009 09:55 AM


batreleaser 02.03.2009 09:58 AM

emaciator-indifference 2x vinyl

my roomate just came in and bitched me out for waking him up with these so called "engine rumbles" as he described it, haha. i told him to fuck off.

zoviet france-hessian
runzeilstirn and gurgelstock-asshole/snail dilemma
harry pussy-vigilance casette
atrax morgue-live at teatro column
ash nav-a mayflower garland
tower recordings-music for evening shuttles
george and martha-peel session (awesome forgotten band, killing jokeish, early swansish, birthday partyish industrial post punk/no wave)
interlard-brown (whitehouse making strangulated beatoffs tapes, you can download for free on myspace, awesome record, just a massive collage of wierd and extreme sounds)
f/i/t/h-the remedy has become the affliction
puff tube-emergency peanut

its so strange, my tastes in music i swear to god are seasonal. when its nice and warm, i really only ever wanna listen to rock or stuff that makes me feel good.

come cold time, all i ever pop in is "out" music, with the least complicated stuff being like the butthole surfers and such.

stu666 02.03.2009 10:16 AM


Originally Posted by jimbrim
MV+EE - Drone Trailer

i just ordered this.

Torn Curtain 02.03.2009 10:26 AM

Bill Evans - From left to right

PAULYBEE2656 02.03.2009 12:35 PM


Originally Posted by jimbrim
MV+EE - Drone Trailer

dont like it.... listened to it today....nope sorry!!!

greedrex 02.03.2009 12:38 PM



noisereductions 02.03.2009 12:45 PM

^that Broadcast album is Good.

greedrex 02.03.2009 01:02 PM

very enjoyable with a glass of wine.

atsonicpark 02.03.2009 01:14 PM

haha pauly rules. I like when he hates shit that people on here jack off to because he's always so polite about it. He even apologized for not liking it!!! Haha... though I like MV+EE, haven't heard that album, will have to wait to say anything..

Here's what I've been jamming:




atsonicpark 02.03.2009 01:42 PM


noisereductions 02.03.2009 01:46 PM


Originally Posted by atsonicpark

is that a tribute or something? I liked the remix album... forget the title... 2002, 2003 maybe? Had Hrvatski on it?

Antagon 02.03.2009 03:25 PM


noisereductions 02.03.2009 03:32 PM


Originally Posted by Antagon


_slavo_ 02.03.2009 03:48 PM


Ben Nash - Alcatraz Dialect

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