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Dr Chocolate 05.12.2013 09:04 AM

The Soupcans / Metz on Friday in Toronto @ Lee's Palace

only going because of the one band
i dont care about the other
but that could change after the show
but i'm not there to see Metz at all
i dont even know who they are and i plan on keeping it that way
until i see them play

chrome noise tape 05.12.2013 05:20 PM

peter murphy in lisbon 30 may , playing bahaus songs.

Antagon 05.13.2013 07:47 AM


Originally Posted by chrome noise tape
peter murphy in lisbon 30 may , playing bahaus songs.

Enjoy! I was at the NYC-gig, it was amazing.

stu666 05.14.2013 01:38 AM



Originally Posted by stu666
Alexander Tucker/Ashtray Navigations + Bridget Hayden - Cafe OTO - May 23rd


Thurston Moore, Andy Moor and Anne James Chaton - Cafe OTO - June 2nd

Thurston Moore - Babble Jar - June 6th

Chelsea Light Moving - Village Underground - June 14th

Chelsea Light Moving - The Fleece - June 17th

Chelsea Light Moving - Brudenell Social Club - June 18th

Thurston Moore - Purcell Room - June 19th

Body/Head - Southbank Centre - June 20th

ATP curated by Deerhunter - June 21st - 23rd

EVOLghost 05.14.2013 11:27 AM

^ 3 weeks of sonic action yo. haha.

pad_023 05.14.2013 11:45 AM

Going to this awesome show on Sunday which is set to feature Chris & Cosey, Excepter, Mika Vainio and Powell.

hirsute_biped 05.18.2013 11:02 PM

last night: Richard Thompson Electric Trio

in September: Godspeed and Sabbath!

Dr Chocolate 05.20.2013 12:15 AM

this friday coming up...SECRET CHEIFS 3...the arabian night

Toilet & Bowels 05.20.2013 06:38 AM

Might go to these:
Edwards / Parker / Prévost - with special guest Alexander von Schlippenbach
Akio Suzuki & Aki Onda
Oren Ambarchi presents 'Knots' with Strings
I DON'T FEEL AT HOME IN THIS WORLD ANYMORE: Film, stories & images from the Mississippi Records and Alan Lomax archive
Chris Cohen
Blues Control
The Intelligence

Will go to:
Sic Alps
Pengo & Blood Stereo

_tunic_ 05.20.2013 08:47 AM

I've got so many sweet shows coming up in the next couple of months:
- 2 times Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Saw NY once, but never the Crazy Horse, so told myself it's worth the money to go see twice. And there's a month in between them.
- 2 times Lee, one band night, one special special performance at Holland Festival
- Chelsea Light Moving the day before seeing Lee. So I'm hoping Lee or Steve or even both will be attending as well....
- Breeders!
- Wedding Present doing the Hit Parade album. But not the cover B/sides unfortunately
- Project/Object. Zappa playing the small hall in my hometown, can't resist that.
- Dinosaur Jr, once or twice. Besides playing in my hometown, they play this strange rockabilly festival very nearby.
- This Thursday: Lubomyr Melnyk. Check out his latest album Corollaries on Erased Tapes. It's amazingly beautiful.
- and best of all, at least two times Godspeed You Black Emperor, and probably 4 times but those other two are not on sale yet. One of them will be at the Marmorkirken in Copenhagen. Even though I've seen them plenty over the last two years, that's just unresistable.

tesla69 05.20.2013 11:10 AM

Saw an excellent set by the Berne Nix Quartet yesterday, the week I hope to see Tom Carter back in action in town...he has a couple dates scheduled...

Toilet & Bowels 05.20.2013 03:06 PM

Glad to hear his health has recovered!

guest 05.21.2013 08:58 AM

jeff mills

(in addition to the aforementioned boris and bardo pond; pretty quiet period for tours right now)

hirsute_biped 05.21.2013 08:03 PM


Originally Posted by _tunic_
- 2 times Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Saw NY once, but never the Crazy Horse, so told myself it's worth the money to go see twice. And there's a month in between them.

Definitely worth it, you never know, this might be the last time they tour...

_tunic_ 05.22.2013 12:22 AM


Originally Posted by hirsute_biped
Definitely worth it, you never know, this might be the last time they tour...

those were my thoughts exactly. Plus that I'll get hopefully a chance to hear some more oldies, if he chooses to play a somewhat different setlist.

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 05.22.2013 12:35 AM

just got my tickets for Reggae Night at the Hollywood Bowl. This is my tenth year straight going to this once in a lifetime kind of festival, which is insane that we here in LA pull this off not only ten times, but 13 total! There is nothing else like it in the world, 20,0000 people dancing and singing roots reggae all night under the stars..


ann ashtray 05.22.2013 02:15 AM

Lee Ranaldo band this coming Monday.

GravitySlips 05.23.2013 07:45 PM

Mainliner are touring the UK/Ireland!


Dr Chocolate 05.30.2013 11:47 AM

went to see SECRET CHIEFS 3 the other night
my recording came out really good of it as well
damn! they were fucking amazing

next up

BLACK CAT ATTACK this Saturday
PRIMUS next Saturday
SICK OF IT ALL the next Thursday (maybe)
FLAG the following Friday
OLD MAN MARKLEY that Saturday

and that's just for the next 3 weeks

there's still that BJORK & ZAPPA PLAYS ZAPPA shows months later

krischanski 05.30.2013 12:07 PM

missed Shellac yesterday :(

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