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EVOLghost 03.06.2011 06:20 AM

desaparecere by deerhoof. love it.

a-p a. niemi 03.06.2011 08:28 AM


Pelle 03.06.2011 08:32 AM


Originally Posted by hipster_bebop_junkie
You're welcome, though now i feel the need to clear things up: I posted a link, just to provide an option for you to actually get a copy. Thought it would be a bit helpful in case no one had send you an offer via private message as you had requested. The latter part of my post was an invitation to ignore my words completely in case you were searching for it in another venues different to that kind of store (i.e. ebay auctions, discogs, maybe a trade?...) And there's nothing special about a sealed copy of any album, if the music cannot be enjoyed; unless of course, someone happens to also (or only) appreciate LPs as collector's items.

Anyway, i'm not trying to get involved in any kind of discussion here, though i guess it now looks like i am. I rarely pay attention to this thread...

Hahaha alright, nah I was just wondering since you wrote something about it. :D

curently listening to: O.L.D. - freak now

Torn Curtain 03.06.2011 09:09 AM

nicfit 03.06.2011 09:41 AM


love it

deflinus 03.06.2011 11:46 AM

the strokes - life is simple in the moonlight (snl)

i forgot they were on last night. actually, i'm glad i did
because i would have had to sit through shitty sketches
to see them perform. i dig this song a lot.

Dr. Eugene Felikson 03.06.2011 12:12 PM


davenotdead 03.06.2011 12:28 PM


Torn Curtain 03.06.2011 12:29 PM

The Cure - Secrets (1980 Boston)

keep poppin pimples 03.06.2011 01:46 PM


washer 03.06.2011 01:49 PM



Dr. Eugene Felikson 03.06.2011 03:00 PM


Pelle 03.06.2011 03:15 PM

D.A.F. - Muskel

davenotdead 03.06.2011 03:39 PM

four tet - there is love in you

Pelle 03.06.2011 07:16 PM

Martin - (Du är så) Yeah Yeah, Wow Wow

You gotta live in sweden to understand that one :D
It was really huge in 1999/2000, swedish eurovision hit song.

stu666 03.07.2011 04:56 AM


a-p a. niemi 03.07.2011 05:29 AM


diegobra 03.07.2011 05:53 AM

Gang Of Four - Damaged Goods

a-p a. niemi 03.07.2011 07:09 AM


Torn Curtain 03.07.2011 12:27 PM

Emily Jane White - Victorian America

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