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sonic sphere 02.25.2010 12:13 PM


sonic sphere 02.25.2010 04:49 PM


Sonic Youth 37 02.25.2010 05:07 PM


davenotdead 02.25.2010 05:29 PM

so very good.

Sonic Youth 37 02.25.2010 05:29 PM


Sonic Youth 37 02.25.2010 05:42 PM


batreleaser 02.25.2010 06:20 PM

sasha grey gettin boned

Sonic Youth 37 02.25.2010 06:23 PM


Originally Posted by batreleaser
sasha grey gettin boned

Is that the new Scissor Shock album?

batreleaser 02.25.2010 06:24 PM

haha, I wish.

shabbray2.0 02.25.2010 09:05 PM


batreleaser 02.25.2010 10:50 PM

Smegma-Smell the Remains

sonic sphere 02.26.2010 06:19 AM


Pookie 02.26.2010 07:54 AM

Jazz at the Palace of Legion of Honor, Oct. 4, 1971

A live broadcast of a jazz concert, held on October 4, 1971 in San Francisco, featuring the Michael White Group, Anthony Braxton, and the Michael Nock Underground. After a brief introduction the Michael White Group perform a set of delightful music, most if not all of which can be found on the LP “Spirit Dance”. This is followed by Anthony Braxton on solo alto saxophone, playing in his unique style of free improvisation. The evening concluded with a set by the Michael Nock Underground. The variety and quality of these performances serve as a brilliant reminder of how vibrant the jazz scene in the early 1970s was, even on the West Coast! During the intermission and after the performance KPFA staffers, Roland Young, Larry Bensky, Sandy Silber, and Glen Howell discuss the music and talk to some of the musicians.

Antagon 02.26.2010 09:19 AM

The Danse Society - Somewhere

sonic sphere 02.26.2010 10:20 AM


chrome noise tape 02.26.2010 10:50 AM


deflinus 02.26.2010 10:52 AM

yo la tengo - president yo la tengo

Zombie Robot 02.26.2010 11:25 AM


NNCK = Amazing

batreleaser 02.26.2010 01:10 PM

Scott Walker-Tilt

Dr. Eugene Felikson 02.26.2010 03:47 PM



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