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Derek 12.25.2009 07:53 AM


The Earl Of Slander 12.25.2009 07:57 AM

All of 180g of


on vinyl. Hell yeah!

The Earl Of Slander 12.25.2009 08:36 AM


This is a good Christmas.

sonic sphere 12.25.2009 08:47 AM


loubarret 12.25.2009 03:38 PM


youthoftomorrow 12.25.2009 03:42 PM


on some brand new headphones my dad got me for christmas.

SYRFox 12.25.2009 03:51 PM


Originally Posted by sonic sphere


SYRFox 12.25.2009 03:52 PM


10-20 - 10-20

starsailor 12.25.2009 04:06 PM


cagedbird 12.25.2009 08:07 PM

No music! I am at my parents' house. Talk about a "game-changer." Sorry, but I have nothing to post.

The Earl Of Slander 12.25.2009 08:55 PM


That opening line gets me Every. Goddamn. Time.

SuperCreep 12.25.2009 10:26 PM


looking glass spectacle 12.26.2009 12:59 AM


loubarret 12.26.2009 05:04 AM


disc 1

The Earl Of Slander 12.26.2009 08:52 AM


A really nice little record, if a bit nondescript. Basically it's Oren Ambarchi and this other guy doing a dreamy tribute to old pop music. Doesn't sound far of what you would expect Oren Ambarchi covering the Beach Boys would be like. Sadly, the songs obviously aren't up to that level, so it ends up just being a lovely background record, but that's no crime.

loubarret 12.26.2009 09:24 AM


Trasher02 12.26.2009 11:01 AM


SuperCreep 12.26.2009 11:26 AM


been a while since i put this one on.

The Earl Of Slander 12.26.2009 11:40 AM


Trouser Minnow on vinyl is a FORCE!

cagedbird 12.26.2009 01:20 PM


old skool '90s maxi-single from perry farrell (producer "Grunge Pedal")

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