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tesla69 02.26.2016 10:29 AM

MK Ultra still with us
Sirhan Sirhan recently had a parole hearing, they are still running scared, denying any TV or audio coverage in the hearing. So when local TV reported the story, they managed to leave out the fact that RFK’s son now supports a new investigation into his father’s murder.

a Harvard shrink was brought in to try and whitewash Sirhan but instead the shrink reports: “Mr. Sirhan is one of the most hypnotizable individuals I have ever met, and the magnitude of his amnesia for actions not under his voluntary [control] in hypnosis is extreme. This unusual combination of personality factors makes Mr. Sirhan the type of individual extremely vulnerable to coercive social influence [and accounts for his] uncharacteristic behavior and strong amnesia for that behavior on the night of Senator Kennedy’s assassination…”

ilduclo 02.26.2016 11:09 AM

you think maybe being in solitary for what, 50 years, might have a little to do with his mental state?

tesla69 03.04.2016 05:12 PM


Originally Posted by ilduclo
you think maybe being in solitary for what, 50 years, might have a little to do with his mental state?

and who knows what they've been doing to him over those years

On page 108 of The Forgotten Terrorist there is an astonishing list of evidence destroyed by the LAPD (looking on google books).

This is bizarre: ON page 103 the book states Yassar Arafat kidnapped 3 US diplomats to be held hostage in exchange for Sirhan, but that did not happen so Arafat tortured and murdered them. It was hushed up to not harm Israeli-Arab negotiations going on then.

Skimming through
Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A.

By Alex Constantine

on googlebooks I see his hypnotic ability is nothing 13 and 14 CONstantine discusses the human scientific experiments performed on thousands of americans by nazis brought in under Operation paperclip. also some freaky shit about certain frequencies that beam 'sound' directly into the brain, and the researchers can synchorinize signals with your heart and stop it. Maybe we've misunderstood freedom, and its not just buying and loving whateever we want but literally being able to think for ourselves - all those cell phone toiwers that now carpet the landscape could easily start broadcasting the RF signals and like flouride we would have no choice.

[EDIT]: I'd like to hope there is a secret team somewhere in the Fed Govt that hunts down and stops mk ultra technology, maybe in tandem with the russians and aliens and some AIs from the future.

tesla69 03.07.2016 11:03 AM

Even Paul Craig Roberts, former Reagan Asst Sec of the Treasury is questioning Sandy Hook.

tesla69 03.09.2016 10:13 AM

Its not paranoia!

"Exclusive: Navy Secretly Conducting Electromagnetic Warfare Training on Washington Roads "

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