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batreleaser 04.11.2009 11:16 AM

Eat Skull-Oregon Dreaming
This song is beaaauuuutttttiiifffffuuuulllll. The most perfect song in a catalogue full of them. Last song on "wild and inside". I love this album, played it three times last night alone. Better than "Sick to Death", some will complain about them cleaning thier sond a bit im sure, but they sound just like a crisp but amazing souding 60s pop punk meets 80s synth punk hybrid. Soulful too.

atsonicpark 04.11.2009 11:20 AM

I listened to this album about an hour ago. It's fucking awesome. Way better than the last one, I agree.

dionysusundone 04.11.2009 08:30 PM

Is there more synth on this one? That was my fave part of the last.

whorefrost 04.12.2009 06:18 AM

I still need to check these muthafuckers out. I wish I had more money

batreleaser 04.12.2009 10:41 PM

The synth remains brothah man.

sarramkrop 04.13.2009 11:06 AM

Yeah, great song. I really like 'Heaven's Stranger' too (of the 3 songs off it I've heard). This will soundtrack my summer for sure.

batreleaser 04.13.2009 01:16 PM

total summer album, sic alps and eat skull and ooga boogas and blank dogs and pink noise are the great summertime bands of today for wierdo rock lovin art/pot/volume damaged scum bags like me. i could prolly rifle off another 50 bands that have been released by labels like ss and the likes, but shit. i duno.

DJ Rick 04.13.2009 06:24 PM

I like this song a lot, but it's probably my fifth or sixth in order of preference from this new Wild & Inside LP. I liked the first album a lot, but this second album is even better than I expected it ever could be.

I started the February 17th AFS blog/podcast with a feature about it....

Leading off this week, we get a sneak preview from the upcoming Eat Skull LP--Wild & Inside--due out this spring on Siltbreeze. As I'm writing this, I'm listening to it for the fourth time back-to-back-to-back-to-back, AND THE ONLY WAY TO EXPRESS HOW BRILLIANT THIS RECORD'S GONNA BE IS TO USE ALL CAPS AND EXTRA EXCLAMATION MARKS!!! This totally exceeds my lofty expectations! There's a couple more songs from it on their MySpace, and I'm not gonna spoil the real surprises by playing certain other songs on upcoming AFS shows before the record comes out. But suffice it now to say that this record's dripping in picture-perfect pop brilliance more so than even the best individual songs of their 2008 releases. There's still some crucial anthems and wild rides--"Nuke Mecca" being the obvious 80's HC touch (is that an accidental re-write of "Breeders" by L.D.S.?)--but all of these songs reveal the songwriting to be uncommonly strong, and every little "weird" extra is absolutely purposeful (including field recordings from a busy kitchen and a to-die-for chorus sung by what sounds like a kids' choir). There's even moments of true beauty in the final five songs, which hang together just perfectly! If you're one of the naysayin' message-board trolls that say Eat Skull has typefied "weirdpunk" as too often "weird for the sake of weird" (I know I've read that more than once), I dare say that YOU need to let this one under your skin. In his fascinating interview in the new Z Gun, Dan Melchior talked about some of his favorite records of the past which he described as "haunted pop": Roy Orbison, darker moments of the Beach Boys you'd never hear on oldies radio, and so many records bearing the mark of Joe Meek or Phil Spector. I swear that Wild & Inside even captures that vibe. Is it live or is it Memorex? How about whether it's anachronistic or timeless? Not that it's a competition or anything, but this sets the bar really high for the rest of the year. 'Bout that new Z Gun...I intended this playlist to be a listening companion to this excellent new issue of the best music print zine since...since?...before the internet happened, I figure.

It's been two months and dozens of listens since then...I still stand by these words, and I'm still very enthusiastic about listening to this album nearly everyday.

dionysusundone 04.14.2009 07:59 PM

This is the tracklisting for the new Intelligence album check out track 7!

01. Fake Surfers
02. Moody Tower
03. Debt & ESP
04. St. Bartholemew
05. I Hear Depression
06. Warm Transfers
07. Fuck Eat Skull
08. Universal Babysitter
09. Thank You God For Fixing The Tape
10. Pony People
11. Singles Barg
12. The Unessential Cosmic Perspectiv

DJ Rick 04.14.2009 08:43 PM

The title of track 7 shouldn't come as a surprise after Eat Skull released a song called "No Intelligence" last year on a 7" that depicted a jumbo jet crashing into the Space Needle in the Intelligence's hometown on Seattle.

I guess you don't follow my blog; last night's post is about the latest West Coast battle...

dionysusundone 04.14.2009 09:35 PM

Thanks Rick!

Whoa wait, new Naked On The Vague?!

davenotdead 04.14.2009 11:26 PM

listening to this for the first time. i think it is better than sick to death, and i rly liked that one.

sarramkrop 05.04.2009 04:32 PM

Eat Skull 'EUSTA Kill' CD-r

Limited to 100 copies numbered and stamped, this is a collection of everything that came out on 7" so far and 5 extra songs recorded during or after the Sick to Death sessions.


1. Seeing Things
2. Stuff Reverse
3. Things I Did When I Dyed My Hair
4. Dead Families
5. If I'm Insane
6. No Intelligence
7. You Must Be Bugs
8. Double Wasted
9. Leave the Universe
10. Don't Leave Me on the Speaker
11. Thank You Smoke Breaks
12. Negative World
13. Medication Time
14. Stick to the Formula (UK Club Banger Version)

batreleaser 05.05.2009 10:18 AM

yeah that intelligecev eat skull thing is pretty funny. i wanna meet lars finberg, he seems like a rad dude.

and thank for the awesome cdr sarramkrop.

atsonicpark 05.12.2009 11:44 PM

Can't stop listening to this.

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