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unwonder 10.26.2007 11:22 PM

Tell the others that no-name is a partially inflamed lip sucking apparatus, centralizing under within the ultimate beat which keeps our own heart's beat to a precise dogmatic sate, which will never deviate from it's current direct course until the day it can beat no more. December 21, 2012

unwonder 10.26.2007 11:24 PM

i also fantasize about unwound.

Everyneurotic 10.26.2007 11:30 PM

i did listen to:


now it's:


m1rr0r dash 10.27.2007 12:28 AM


Cantankerous 10.27.2007 12:30 AM

roxy music s/t

m1rr0r dash 10.27.2007 02:39 AM


Torn Curtain 10.27.2007 07:47 AM

Dominique A - Sur nos forces motrices

ALIEN ANAL 10.27.2007 07:48 AM

unmade bed - sonic nurse - sonic youth

just incase u guys didnt know

Torn Curtain 10.27.2007 10:04 AM

Brian Eno - Apollo

Everyneurotic 10.27.2007 11:49 AM


i'm seeing them today!!!!

LittlePuppetBoy 10.27.2007 11:56 AM

The Stooges-s/t

screamingskull 10.27.2007 12:03 PM


"My Poor Brain". Verses are good, choruses are disappointing.

Cantankerous 10.27.2007 12:10 PM

i think i will throw on some sonic nurse

fugazifan 10.27.2007 04:02 PM

downloaded some of their stuff today
pretty cool....

nicfit 10.27.2007 05:00 PM


in loop.

Cantankerous 10.27.2007 05:23 PM


this album is so kick ass.

magneticseal 10.27.2007 06:24 PM


Originally Posted by unwonder
i also fantasize about unwound.

never got them. liked the songs on the records but they were a real snooze live which isn't probably fair to judge based on 1 show and in DC no less!


Cantankerous 10.27.2007 06:47 PM

siouxsie - dear prudence

Cantankerous 10.27.2007 06:52 PM

i'm not there soundtrack

sy's version of i'm not there is BETTER than dylan's!
cat power's version of stuck inside of mobile is kickass if not very similar to bob's
tom verlaine's is my favorite.

Cantankerous 10.27.2007 10:01 PM


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