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Death & the Maiden 01.30.2008 03:52 AM

Echo & the Bunnymen - Ballyhoo:The Best Of

sarramkrop 01.30.2008 07:15 AM

Birdland - EP2

nicfit 01.30.2008 07:16 AM


I think I'm the only one on here who actually enjoys this album.

A Thousand Threads 01.30.2008 07:28 AM


Alasehir - Sharing The Sacred

I love this record so much.

gmku 01.30.2008 08:58 AM


What's your favorite side on this? ^ I think Side One is priceless, and Side Two is excellent. I could almost do without Sides 3 & 4 though.

gmku 01.30.2008 09:35 AM

Moby Grape - s/t

Believe it or not, I've only gotten into this album in the last few months. I realize that I've heard these songs many times before in one venue or another, but I always thought they were somebody else--Jefferson Airplane, the Dead, and even Fleetwood Mac.

It's quite good, actually. And the guy on the cover gives you the finger.

Torn Curtain 01.30.2008 09:44 AM

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Kicking against the pricks

screamingskull 01.30.2008 09:46 AM

the hum of the air conditioning unit in the library i am in.

it's going hummmm hummmm hummmm hummmm

gmku 01.30.2008 09:51 AM

Are you sure it's not, "Ommmmmm..."

Everyneurotic 01.30.2008 10:43 AM

keith fullerton whitman - a boggan apocalypse.

afterthefact 01.30.2008 11:12 AM


sonic sphere 01.30.2008 11:28 AM

mc5-kick out the jams

sonicl 01.30.2008 11:31 AM


Originally Posted by Everyneurotic
keith fullerton whitman - a boggan apocalypse.

Excellent, isn't it?

Torn Curtain 01.30.2008 01:04 PM

Tim Buckley & Starsailor -The Lion's Share, San Anselmo CA, October 1970 AUD (my own torrent on dime)

Ace stuff

krastian 01.30.2008 01:24 PM


LittlePuppetBoy 01.30.2008 01:32 PM

Black Sabbath-Paranoid

gmku 01.30.2008 01:39 PM

T. Rex - Electric Warrior

Torn Curtain 01.30.2008 03:43 PM

Jeff Buckley - 9 November, 1994, Green Mill Chicago, Illinois AUD (from dime)

_slavo_ 01.30.2008 03:47 PM

Sonic Youth - Stereo Sanctity

floatingslowly 01.30.2008 03:48 PM


the UK version. and by UK version, I mean the only good one.

fuck awf USA dance mixes.

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