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Genteel Death 03.05.2024 03:38 PM


Originally Posted by Toilet & Bowels
Bower did more than post about Brexit, from what I remember he had gone down the occult pagan aryan road and when he was outed a couple of musicians he had been associated with previously sadly verified the claims. The music of his I liked before I still like now but you I'm not going to buy any new releases.
Apparently Mo Tucker being a tea partier has been debunked (I don't care if she is or isn't). I don't care if Jennifer Herrema implied support for invading Iraq (it's lame but irrelevant and anyway its post Royal Trux). Johnny Ramone, Jimi Hendrix, James Brown, etc etc. If people support the wrong team in politics it's an error in judgement (or whatever) and I'll still buy their records and/or see shows, but being a white supremacist is just really gross.

I wasn't aware of the white supremacist stuff. I remember Neil Campbell posting something about the Brexit thing on Twitter and thinking it was another musician whose music I enjoy but with, unsurprisingly, the wrong political direction and eager to express it. Opinions that never make a difference anyway. Maureen Tucker has been an active member of her working class local movements since I care to remember, just by reading her interviews over the years. Possibly since she was working at Walmart years ago. The Tea Party was one of the many protest political movements we've seen coming and going without leaving any effective legacy over the years, like 'Occupy' etc. Whether she was part of it or not does not even matter. She still flaunts 'American Values' on FB all the time. It's not about being offended by this sort of thing here, it's more about how it's ultimately clueless and ineffective political propaganda that chips away from one's enjoyment of someone's music.

_tunic_ 03.16.2024 05:03 AM


Echo Collective Plays Amnesiac

Some are good, some are boring, some are annoying

you probably want to listen to this (if you hadn't seen it already). It was posted in the comments of a recent Cat Power gig on Dime:
and while listening, here's what to read:

The Soup Nazi 03.16.2024 10:27 PM


Originally Posted by _tunic_
you probably want to listen to this (if you hadn't seen it already). It was posted in the comments of a recent Cat Power gig on Dime:
and while listening, here's what to read:

Yessir! That Robyn Sings is such a cool record... Released via his own Editions Paf!, so not many minty copies out there.

The Soup Nazi 04.05.2024 01:13 AM


Antagon 04.05.2024 05:46 AM


Glad I still got to see them perform cuts from that live.

hippietears 04.05.2024 10:21 AM

I listened to "To Our Children's Children's Children" by The Moody Blues for the first time last night, and I really liked it! I love the experimentation and I think here are little hints of noise rock/shoegaze in the album! Floating has to be my favorite from the album!


The Soup Nazi 04.29.2024 12:36 AM


Stunning. Her best "solo" album.

The Soup Nazi 05.16.2024 03:38 AM


!@#$%! 05.16.2024 02:52 PM


Antagon 05.27.2024 06:36 AM


Cindy Lee - Diamond Jubilee

Much hyped, admittedly a tad on the "way overlong" side, but an intriguing listen nonetheless. It's juicy and playful and does feature a good bit of variety. This is, like, my third listen in the last couple of months. I dig it.

!@#$%! 06.11.2024 12:49 PM


whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent

_tunic_ 06.14.2024 04:14 PM


listen to their live recordings plenty of time. Haven't gotten their latest album the attention that it deserves though.
note to self: should put it on my phone so I can listen to it on my commute to work ...

sy2004 06.24.2024 12:53 PM

Sef Lemelin - Burning Inside [Official Live Video]

!@#$%! 07.01.2024 07:44 AM


i used to have this in vinyl. who knows where it might be today?

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