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The Soup Nazi 09.22.2017 06:25 PM


Savage Clone 09.22.2017 07:50 PM

Jump into the fire maan

The Soup Nazi 09.22.2017 07:58 PM


Originally Posted by Savage Clone
Jump into the fire maan


evollove 09.24.2017 10:03 AM

"Gotta Get Up," the opening track on Nilsson Schmilsson, is somewhere on my list of favorite songs ever.

Goddamn. Gonna listen now.

noisereductions 09.27.2017 12:53 PM

Pearl Jam
1993, This is how you make a sophomore album. After the major success of Ten it could have been super easy for Pearl Jam to set things to autopilot and just keep doing what they were doing. Instead they made a follow-up that was far more interesting than their debut. Vs is basically an album that moves the band forward by stripping things down - mostly. There's far less focus on soloing here than on the first record, with tempos leaning towards the slower end and more emphasis on acoustic guitars. It's not really PJ gone folk or anything, but it seems a more naked and vulnerable record. Tracks like "Daughter" or the absolutely gorgeous "Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town" show a side of the band that Ten never did. Though there's still plenty of rocking here. Both "Go" and "Animal" feel like they could have fit on the last album. But "Glorified G" has a groove to it that would have stuck out like a sore thumb, and "Dissident" is absolutely epic. While Ten definitely deserves the 'classic' status it has achieves, for me Vs is where the band really became the Pearl Jam that I love.

Red Hot Chili Peppers
1999, While many fans didn't feel like Dave Navarro meshed well with the band, I thought One Hot Minute was a pretty great record. But there's absolutely no denying that bringing John Frusciante back to the Chili Peppers resulted in instant magic. It's not like the band hasn't had a million lineup changes in the past. But Californication is like a glorious reunion. This combination of players just fucking works. (Oh yeah, Rick Rubin too). Admittedly the record is a bit front-loaded with all the singles appearing in the first half. But whatever. "All Around The World" is a great opener. "Scar Tissue" is still incredible. That single was like a celebration of the return of Frusciante back in the day. "Other Side" and "Parallel Universe" and the title track are all these solid and heavy sort of ballad rockers. There is less straight up funk here than on previous records, but then again One Hot Minute was pretty devoid of funk as well. To me this is just another in a fantastic 90's run for the band.

The Smashing Pumpkins
1991, Gish is a sort of unassuming debut. Don't get me wrong there's a lot of great stuff here, but it doesn't quite hang together album-wise the way their next few would. That is to say that it feels more like a collection of songs than an album proper in my head. But that's fine. "I Am One" still rocks. And "Rhinoceros" is friggin' gorgeous. As a whole this album definitely leans closer to the more mellow and shoe-gazey My-Bloody-Valentiny side of SP rather than the really stadium rocking stuff that they'd eventually become stars for. Don't get me wrong - this is a great band on this record, but I don't totally feel like they'd found their total identity yet. And truthfully I reach for Gish far less than most Smashing Pumpkins albums, but there's definitely enough here that I consider worth revisiting from time to time.

Sonic Youth
Bad Moon Rising
1985, The first time I heard "Death Valley '69," I got goosebumps. And really nothing has changed in the nearly two decades since I first heard it. Bad Moon Rising sits within Sonic Youth's discography as possibly their scariest album. There's something brilliantly unsettling about this record. And it starts before a single note is struck. Look at that cover art! Bad Moon Rising serves as a study of Americana the same way that Blue Velvet does. There's something totally sinister here. And unrelenting given that each song blends into the next with the help of various tape loops and noise. "Intro" is lovely but doesn't last long before going into the triumphantly dissonant "Brave Men Run." "Society Is A Hole" and "I Love Her All The Time" are sparse and moody pieces that harken back to the sound of the self-titled debut. I've never been a big fan of "Justice Is Might," so the second half sounds slightly less perfect to me as a song cycle, though culminating in "Death Valley '69" is obviously a huge fixer. Four bonus tracks have been tacked onto the CD forever. "Flower" is a pretty solid single that definitely fits the mood of the album, but "Halloween" is the true standout for me. Like it's easily one of my favorite tracks on this whole album. It's slow and creepy as fuck but in a totally beautiful way. As I've said this is probably SY's scariest album. And while it's thematically more focused than Confusion, I tend to prefer that one just slightly. But it's damn close.

The Blue Album: Deluxe Edition
2004, The reissue of Weezer's debut includes a bonus disc (aka "Dusty Gems And Raw Nuggets") which reminds me an awful lot of a mixtape that me and some friends assembled back in high school. As each of us managed to get our paws on another new-to-us Weezer b-side from compilations or hard to find singles (remember, this was just around the time that the internet was starting to make online record shopping viable) we'd tack it onto the cassette collection. I still remember that when I finally got a CD burner with graduation money one of the first transfers I did was putting this b-sides collection on a CDR. The actual b-sides are classics. "Mykel & Carli," "Susanne" and "Jamie" are all awesome and could have easily fit on the album proper. "Jamie" in particular is one of my favorite Weezer songs ever. Then there's some live and acoustic tracks, which are certainly worth hearing but nothing revelatory. The previously unreleased stuff is interesting though. "Paperface" and "I Swear It's True" are pretty great and the demo of "Undone" is drastically different. It goes without saying that any deluxe reissue is a for-fans-only deal, but this is definitely one that fans will be pleased with.

Severian 09.27.2017 09:36 PM

Dude... you did Blue just a little bit ago. And Vs. And Gish I think.


noisereductions 09.27.2017 09:40 PM

This is the Blue deluxe bonus disc. Never did Gish. But yes. You called me on Vs though that was just a few sentences then.

The Soup Nazi 09.27.2017 09:45 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
This is the Blue deluxe bonus disc.

HOLY SHIT IS THERE A BLUE DELUXE BONUS DISC oh wait no I thought you were talking about Joni Mitchell what a bummer.

noisereductions 09.27.2017 10:20 PM

Good talk.

The Soup Nazi 09.27.2017 10:35 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
Good talk.

I wasn't trying to be a ding dong. It's just that when you read something like this:


Originally Posted by Severian
Dude... you did Blue just a little bit ago.

You can't help thinking about THE album called Blue, you follow. The one that IS blue and SOUNDS blue and FEELS blue.


noisereductions 09.28.2017 07:16 AM

ha! I thought you were being sarcastic. Ok, that's actually funny that you were literally like "oh wow! There's a deluxe? I'm gonna go buy it--- oh... :( " haha

evollove 09.28.2017 07:30 AM

noisereductions, have you heard Joni's BLUE? Not trying to be a dick. Just curious.

noisereductions 09.28.2017 07:44 AM

absolutely. I owned that one back in high school even. Admittedly was never a huge Joni fan, but Blue was one of the handful of her albums I did like. The one that I listened to the most back then was um... is it called Ladies Of The Canyon or something like that? It had "Help Me" which is prob my fav Joni song. Maybe I'm mixing up albums now. Like I said I was never really a big fan or anything, but casually liked some of her stuff.

EDIT: ok you had me curious. I was screwing up albums. "Help Me" was on Court & Spark, which I had on hand-me-down vinyl along w/ Canyons. Blue was one I bought on CD myself. Oh well.

The Soup Nazi 09.28.2017 03:41 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
ha! I thought you were being sarcastic. Ok, that's actually funny that you were literally like "oh wow! There's a deluxe? I'm gonna go buy it--- oh... :( " haha

No, I was being sarcastic indeed! Just not a ding dong! ...Look, eventually I'll explain my philosophy to ya. :)

dirty bunny 09.29.2017 01:03 AM

giving Thurston Moore's "The Best Day" a listen

noisereductions 09.29.2017 08:24 AM


Sonic Youth
Walls Have Ears
1986, So Blast First put out a live album against the band's wishes so it was pulled almost immediately. It's hard to really know why they didn't want this out there, though. Walls Have Ears is almost legendary now. It's really a pretty important little snapshot of the band's transition from Bob Bert to Steve Shelley for instance. And it's an excellent live show with good sound quality and intense performances. Maybe the band even gets that now considering they included it in the discography section of their Sensational Fix book. What's really neat is that it was a double album (in its original vinyl format - it's since seen several CD bootleg releases...) which compiles two separate performances. The first half of Walls features Steve on drums and even features a couple of tracks that would soon appear on Evol, while the second has Bob on drums and focuses on earlier material. Hearing both of these drummers on one release, and scanning the tracklisting which runs through material from the self-titled debut, Confusion, Kill Your Idols, Bad Moon and even touching upon Evol stuff makes this live album absolutely invaluable.

Severian 09.29.2017 08:28 AM


Originally Posted by The Soup Nazi
No, I was being sarcastic indeed! Just not a ding dong! ...Look, eventually I'll explain my philosophy to ya. :)

I got it. Felt very obvious that you were being sarcastic to me, but I also felt that you weren’t being mean-spirited, which is cool.

“Blue” is a great album too. Obviously.

Severian 09.29.2017 08:32 AM


Originally Posted by dirty bunny
giving Thurston Moore's "The Best Day" a listen

You know what, that one really has some kick to it. Whenever I put it on I’m glad I did. It’s layered and pretty and satisfying, and manages to sound kind of adjacent to some of the more tuneful, late period Sonic Youth material without sounding like “SY minus...” if that makes any sense.

Genteel Death 09.29.2017 09:03 AM

Some music I've been listening to in the past week or so.

Good Area - Cubic Zirconia / Bad Karlshafen

Grant Hart (RIP) - The Argument

Mike Cooper/Derek Hall - Out of the Shades

Eugenio Miccini - Concerti di Poesia

Sun Ra - Other Voices, Other Blues

Chrome - Techromancy

noisereductions 09.29.2017 09:28 AM

Alice In Chains
Jar Of Flies
1994, I was liked how Alice In Chains would pump out these mini-albums between bigger releases. And I feel like they tended to be a bit more daring on them (for better or worse). But this one is interesting in that it was basically an album of acoustic tracks that the band recorded in a single week session. "Rotten Apple" is a super moody dirge that goes on for seven minutes, and "Whale & Wasp" is a rather creepy instrumental. The two big singles here - "I Stay Away" and "No Excuses" are solid, and totally sound like slower, more mellow versions of the heavier prototypical Alice In Chains. The closer "Swing On This" kind of fucks things up for me, as its upbeat country tone just feels out of place and feels like it ends things on a bum note. But overall I like what the band did here. It's kind of low stakes deal and a bit outside of the comfort zone of the sound of their proper albums. It's also a brisk half-hour which can be refreshing.

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