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Skuj 06.28.2010 10:35 PM

I'm Beginning To Think That Last Year At Marienbad Is The Greatest Film Ever.

demonrail666 06.28.2010 11:02 PM

then stop thinking it, before it's too late.

Skuj 06.28.2010 11:41 PM

So anyway, Seyrig is just so perfect in this. Certain parts of this magnificent film made my skin crawl. ie She is frightened and the organ goes towards hyper strings.....I choked on my wine and my wife laughed at me on one viewing. Genuine scares. (The hotel makes the one in Shining seem like Fawlty Towers, innit?) As for interpretations...for a while I thought she is a ghost, then, he is a ghost, then, he is a s.o.b. and she is in denial. Did he rape her, last year at Marienbad?

cagedbird 06.28.2010 11:52 PM

who directed this scary movie?

Skuj 06.29.2010 12:20 AM

Resnais. Dude.

!@#$%! 06.29.2010 12:30 AM

visually, it's gorgeous, but in retrospective its narrative aspect is slightly wankathonic-- not enough to defeat it, but still, makes a dent. speaking of resnais, i liked hiroshima mon amour more better.

atsonicpark 06.29.2010 01:32 AM

Yeah it's cool. I watched this in a double feature with the Exterminating Angel. Pretty mindblowing for when it came out.

viewtiful alan redux 06.29.2010 01:35 PM

How is it in comparison to Hiroshima Mon Amour, which I fucking loved.

atsonicpark 06.29.2010 01:37 PM

That's pretty weird, I have Hiroshima d/l'ing RIGHT NOW..

viewtiful alan redux 06.29.2010 01:38 PM

It's a trip. Watch high: have your mind blown.

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