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batreleaser 03.06.2009 01:52 PM

bands that are blowing your mind lately
havnt done this in a longtime.

my tastes have been ridiculously diverse today. The main thing I suppose would be all the new lo fi rock n roll and punk wieder psych bands, the blank dogs/siltbreeze canon. Some particular bands that I have just gotten into are the Ooga Boogas, the Country teasers Human Eye (you must listen to this band the cooles heavy psych shit ive heard since comets on fire first came out, allthough its much much darker, and its remarkably rock and not improv based), Black Time (if i had known about them earlier "Double Negative" would have surely been in my top five records of last year, sort of inbetween Brainbombs and straight punk), Pink Noise, A-Frames, FNU Ronnies, Endless Boogie, and Teenage Panzkerdrops. I also like the new Black Lips lp, I know lots of people think they are a lame hipster band, but hipster or not, I don't see anything bad about five drunk dudes struming on guitars and singing like shitfaced sailors in unison while creating these fun and wild extremly soulful garage songs. Its not nearly as good as "Los Valientes del Mundo", but itll do. They are a band people are surprised that I'm so into.

Becuase of all this i have pulled out all my older grarage stuff that influenced the new shit. I have recently gotten into the Clean's compilation that came out last year and I fucking love it. The Saints have defintely gotten a place back in my list of favorite bands, and Australian Punk in general i think is just some of the most exciting and pure music ever. The Gories, the Gun Club, the Kinks, Teegenerate, Cheater Slicks, the Controllers, Inhalants, and many many more.

At the same time though, I seem to be mixing it up with all sorts of the wierdest noise and psych bands I can find. Slicing Grandpa, Kuupuu, the Julie Mittens, id m theft able, Israeli Intelligence, Oaxacan, etc...

I'm getting overwhlemed by this huge influx of amazing new music. It almost seems that I hear more bands thatr I dig than I don't. This lo-fi noisy rock music though is just totally my thing.

Glice 03.06.2009 02:15 PM

My life is pretty much Miley Cyrus and Happy Hardcore at the moment. I've just ordered some Principal Edwards' Magic Theatre though. And it's getting to be the right season for the Canterbury scene, know what I'm saying?

Phlegmscope 03.06.2009 02:42 PM

I haven't listened to new music in ages. or anything that is AWESOME or beyond.

DeadDiscoDildo 03.06.2009 02:54 PM

Man I love the black lips. & they are not a hipster band that's a bunch of bullshit. They've been working their ass off for 8 years as a band and did not get any hipster over night success bs...

The newest cd is ok tho, I havent heard all of it, but I still think let it bloom or we did not know the forest spirit made the flowers grow are my favs from them...

tesla69 03.06.2009 02:57 PM

So far this year the most impressive thing I've seen was the Tom Carter solo set at Issue Project Room. 25 minutes of guitar bliss. He has a great guitar sound and built up a compelling structure, but unlike his more delicate stuff this piece roared.

Oh yeah Jack Rose playing with the pianist from D Charles Speer and Dan from Harmonica Dan last Saturday was also very happening.

atsonicpark 03.06.2009 02:59 PM

Definitely on a miley cyrus kick myself. Good call, Glice.

greedrex 03.06.2009 03:12 PM


narlus 03.06.2009 04:22 PM

for me it's been Electric Wizard.

davenotdead 03.06.2009 04:27 PM

black dice and wet hair.

arthur russell has probably owned my 09 the most though.

uhler 03.06.2009 04:30 PM

FINALLY PUNK, love is all, the new comet gain.

as for older stuff: irma thomas, frances gall and other 60's french ye-ye singers, one last wish, the cramps, martha reeves and the vandellas, beat happening, bumblebee unlimited, ABBA. that's what i've been listening to a lot lately.

oh and blatz too.

Death & the Maiden 03.06.2009 04:44 PM

Boris, Ghost, Malice Mizer, Sigh, Ved Buens Ende.

Good call on The Clean and The Saints, you should check out the Laughing Clowns, Ed Kuepper's band after he left The Saints.

atsonicpark 03.06.2009 06:31 PM

I've just been listening to every single Acid Mothers Temple album.

uhler 03.06.2009 07:28 PM

oh, i just bought the new dum dum girls and it's amazing, so i'm sure i'm going to be listening to that a lot in the next few months.

atsonicpark 03.06.2009 07:51 PM

I'm really enjoying predator vision and sun araw.

ZEROpumpkins 03.06.2009 08:56 PM

Massive Attack and Portishead

Assume that Autechre are always blowing my mind.

o'connor 03.06.2009 09:12 PM

profane by couch.

drrrtyboots 03.06.2009 11:06 PM

Watersports by Mi Ami has been playing on repeat a lot for me lately.

dntrecords 03.07.2009 12:20 AM

a lot of bands I was going to name have been mentioned. mi ami, wet hair, sun araw, predator vision

the magic lantern acoustic 12" blew me away..didn't expect it to be as full sounding as it was

also the masters for some DNT LPs: plankton wat, attesupa. incredible stuff

joe11121 03.07.2009 12:27 AM

The pains of being pure at heart

uhler 03.07.2009 02:53 AM


Originally Posted by joe11121
The pains of being pure at heart

good live band. okay studio band.

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