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sarramkrop 05.02.2007 05:51 AM

Tune Your World:


hat and beard 05.02.2007 01:06 PM

This thread is overwhelmingly wonderful.

Iain 05.02.2007 01:14 PM

Has anyone uploaded the Group Doueh record that came out on Sublime Frequencies yet? It's quite ace. I'll upload it soon, promise. If no one else has already that is.

sarramkrop 05.04.2007 06:23 AM

Gamelan Music of Bali


Gamelan Music of Bali

These are field recordings by ethnomusicologist Deben Bhattacharya. The back cover says that the field recordings are "unrehearsed field recordings of Gamelan music made in Balinese villages in 1973-74. The instruments consist of a large variety of metallophones, such as xylophones, suspended gongs, gong chimes, zithers, spike-fiddles, flutes and drums. Colour photos and explanations in the booklet."


1. Ceremonial Funeral Music: Tabuh Lelambatan Lawas (Longor) {21:12}

2. Mahabharata [From a shadow play called "Wayang Kulit"] {13:42}

3. Barong (Dance-Drama) {13:09}

4. Trunajaya (Victory for the Young) {12:21}

Click on tracklisting to download

Iain 05.04.2007 07:21 AM

Group Doueh - Guitar Music From the Western Sahara (Sublime Frequencies)

This is fairly lo-fi and ace. I can't do it justice with a lame description...just listen.

sarramkrop 05.04.2007 07:37 AM

My little chinese colored flexidiscs from the 50's/60's


jico. 05.04.2007 07:57 AM

ou não
walter franco


01 Mixturação
02 Água e Sal
03 No Fundo do Poço
04 Pátio dos Loucos
05 Flexa
06 Me Deixe Mudo
07 Xaxados e Perdidos
08 Doido de Fazê Dó
09 Vão da Boca
10 Cabeça

(fecking great)

Cardinal Rob 05.04.2007 11:11 AM

Which one to download first? *scruples*


Katy 05.04.2007 01:22 PM

Tinariwen (Malian tuareg band) are on Jools Holland tonight. I love them. (They've been on 'Later' before and they played Patti Smith's Meltdown festival in 2005.)

krastian 05.04.2007 11:56 PM

I have some world/tribal percussion comps if y'all are interested.

jico. 05.06.2007 12:08 PM


Carlos Paredes

(a Carlos Paredes)
A palavra por dentro da guitarra
a guitarra por dentro da palavra.
Ou talvez esta mão que se desgarra
(com garra com garra)
esta mão que nos busca e nos agarra
e nos rasga e nos lavra
com seu fio de mágoa e cimitarra.
Asa e navalha. E campo de Batalha.
E nau charrua e praça e rua.
(E também lua e também lua).
Pode ser fogo pode ser vento
(ou só lamento ou só lamento).
Esta mão de meseta
voltada para o mar
esta garra por dentro da tristeza.
Ei-la a voar ei-la a subir
ei-la a voltar de Alcácer Quibir.
Ó mão cigarra
mão cigana
guitarra guitarra
Poema de Manuel Alegre

Carlos Paredes
(Guitarrista português)
16-2-1925, 23-7-2004


Carlos Paredes destacou-se desde o início da década de 1960 como intérprete da guitarra portuguesa, tal como seu avô, Gonçalo Paredes, e seu pai, Artur Paredes, se haviam anteriormente distinguido. A ele se deve o aperfeiçoamento estrutural da guitarra portuguesa, bem como a criação da guitarra baixo. A forma como toca a guitarra denota uma tendência para o virtuosismo e para um melodismo inspirado nos sons do violino. Devido à perícia com que toca e à beleza dos sons que consegue extrair da guitarra, tornou-se um símbolo da "alma portuguesa". Compôs e interpretou música para diversos filmes e peças de teatro, tendo mesmo algumas de suas obras coreografadas.

this is out of print so,


Concerto em Frankfurt (Live)
Carlos Paredes

01 Canto do Amanhecer
02 Canto do Trabalho
03 Canto de Embalar
04 Canto de Amor
05 Canto de Rua
06 Canto do Rio
07 A Montanha e a Planície
08 Dança Palaciana
09 Sede
10 Dança dos Camponeses
11 In Memoriam
12 Festas da Primavera
13 Variações

i'm re-listening to this... and i cry.

«Já me tem sucedido fazer as pessoas chorar enquanto eu toco... E eu não compreendia isto, mas depois percebi que é a sonoridade da guitarra, mais do que a música que se toca ou como se toca, que emociona as pessoas»

as you can imagine, it's just a small tear in the work of one of the greatest guitar players ever.
i can PM some real work to some of you.

there are so many things to say, i just dont have time right now. here are some links:

on wikipedia: (very poor)

on youtube:
there's almost nothing, only a few guys trying to play the songs and this:

on myspace:
someone created a myspace:


i will edit this post later, it deserves better...

Cardinal Rob 05.06.2007 12:29 PM


Originally Posted by krastian
I have some world/tribal percussion comps if y'all are interested.

Yes! Yes!

Пятхъдесят Шест 05.06.2007 06:11 PM

Jico! You've really took this thread up another notch! Many thanks.

jico. 05.06.2007 07:22 PM

glad you like it. i will complete the post as soon as possible. i have also some interesting stuff from rita braga that plays a cavaquinho (the instrument that the portuguese took to hawaii that then became a ukelele) and rafael toral that uses some crazy instruments... etc. etc. some of you, will receive a PM from myself with jp simões debut album 1970 (a mixture of samba, jazz, etc. etc.) ...

krastian 05.06.2007 11:54 PM


Originally Posted by Cardinal Rob
Yes! Yes!

Allright, I'll sift through what I have and post something eventually.

Cardinal Rob 05.07.2007 11:28 AM

Yes! (Y)

jico. 05.07.2007 02:08 PM

hey snake, yeah... it's a beautiful instrument and it has an unique sound. paredes... incredible player, and the evolution that he brought to the portuguese guitar was just fabulous...

oh, i see you've heard about rita... you probably already have seen her performing live you lucky lisbon bastard.

never heard about rafael toral?


krastian 05.15.2007 06:22 PM

Drummers of the Societe Absolument Guinin - Voodoo Drums


This release features the Voodoo Drums of Haiti and was recorded by Soul Jazz Records in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Unlike Hollywood's version of Voodoo (Zombies, the walking dead and human sacrifices!), Voodoo is the alive and thriving African-derived religion in Haiti and this CD is a contemporary recording of the musical rhythms of Voodoo.

Voodoo is at the heart of all African music in the new world. That is to say it is the link between the music of Nigeria and the music of Cuba's Afro-Cuban music (Salsa and Santeria) and Brasil's African based musics (Samba and Candomble).

The music of Voodoo is based around complex African rhythms. When played at Voodoo cerimonies these drums bring down the spirits of Voodoo into worshippers.

This CD continues Soul Jazz's exploration of African/Latin/Brazilian connections that they have previously visited with releases such as Nu Yorica, Brasil and Santeria. Voodoo music has rarely been released in this country and all of these complex rhythms are unique to Haiti.

sarramkrop 05.17.2007 03:45 AM

Great stuff you all.

Gordon Wasson - Mushroom Ceremony Of The Mazatec Indians Of Mexico (1957)


Folkways Records FR 8975, this is a US pressing of the impossible to find "Mushroom Ceremony Of the Mazatec Indians Of Mexico". This recording, made by Gordon Wasson in 1956, attempts to chronicle a religious ceremony involving the ingestation of psychedelic mushrooms by Indians who are attempting to communicate with the Divine Spirit. Lots of wild, hallucinatory chanting and the like, which might even appeal to fans of phonetic sound poems or dadaist utterings. Another unusual historical document that only Folkways would have released. The originals came out in 1957 with a blue cover and this press has the tan cover from 1966. "HERE IS A SHAMANIC PERFORMANCE COMPLETE. DR WASSON, A PIONEER IN THE STUDY OF THE ROLE OF MUSHROOMS IN RELIGIOUS RITUAL, GIVES US A TRANSCRIPTION OF AN AUTHENTIC "CONSULTATION" OF THE SACRED MUSHROOM, IN SOUND. THE OCCASION WAS THE ILLNESS OF A YOUTH. THE MUSHROOM, THROUGH THE MOUTH OF MARIA SABINA, A FEMALE SHAMAN, DECREED THAT THE BOY MUST DIE. HE HEARD THE BAD NEWS AND DIED DAYS LATER. DR. WASSON TAPED THE ENTIRE VELADA. DR. WASSON IS ABLE TO PROVE THAT THE WORDS AND UNDOUBTEDLY THE CHANT ARE PRE-CORTES, GOING BACK FOR MANY CENTURIES. NOTHING LIKE THIS RECORD HAS BEEN DONE FOR THE NEW WORLD; IT IS RIVALED IN THE OLD WORLD ONLY BY THE VEDIC CHANTS OF INDIA". Recorded by V. P. & R. G. Wasson in Huautla de Jiménez, in the Mazatec Mountains in the northern corner of the State of Oaxaca, July 21, 1956

1. Chjon Nka
2. Chjon Nka Catsin
3. Santo...nana
4. Papa Papai
5. Na Ai - Ni Tso
6. Santo...Ji
7. Jan Jesu Cristo
8. Ji Nai
9. San Pedro
10. Soso Soso
11. Name of Plants
12. Pedro Martinez
13. Don't Be Concerned, Old One
14. Birds
15. Humming, etc.
16. Soft Singing
17. Finale

This is just incredible.

sarramkrop 05.17.2007 03:48 AM

A.K.Salim - Afro Soul / Drum Orgy (1965)


Incredible! This is a stunning set of African-inspired jazzy percussion tracks -- similar to some of the work done by Art Blakey on his Orgy In Rhythm albums, but with a lot better horn work, and with an overall conception that's much more unified! AK Salim did some sleepier work for Savoy in the 50s -- but by the time of this 1965 recording, he was emerging as a progressive composer with a strong talent for bringing together disparate moods and styles. This rare recording was one of his best works ever, and it's one of the most unusual sides cut by Prestige in the 60s. It features Johnny Coles, Pat Patrick, and Yusef Lateef out front on horns -- plus backing by a host of Latin and African percussionists. Tracks are very long -- and the reed work of Lateef and Patrick makes the set especially worthwhile for jazz listeners. (

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