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Dr. Eugene Felikson 10.26.2011 07:59 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
awesome! I love this album. I actually like it more than the 2nd one. I just think the shitty pop production on this fits really well. It's all just catchy and fun.

I really like her songs Nobody 'til You, and To Know Your Name! :)

SpaceCadetHayden 10.26.2011 10:10 PM


Cycheouts Ghost - Theotoxin

toooo fucking good

noisereductions 10.27.2011 07:38 AM


Originally Posted by Dr. Eugene Felikson
I really like her songs Nobody 'til You, and To Know Your Name! :)

"Nobody Til You" is definitely my favorite LiLo song. And her cover of "I Want You To Want Me" makes me :D

sonic sphere 10.27.2011 08:06 AM


stu666 10.27.2011 09:26 AM

Still spamming Sonic Youth! now into 1990 and the first Goo shows.

Pelle 10.27.2011 03:07 PM


hirsute_biped 10.27.2011 06:59 PM


Originally Posted by bunnyboyz
Sonic Youth Washing Machine @ Rockpalast 1995

This is a song about the future ! It's called Washing Machine !

They really need to reissue Washing Machine as a 4 LP Deluxe Box Set just like Dirty, Goo, and Daydream. That would totally rule.

I downloaded every available version of Diamond Sea from ukontos, it's ridonkulous. I would buy that WM boxset. Or a set of the Diamond Sea from earlist demo idea stages, all writing/rehearsals, altmixes, etc...

keep poppin pimples 10.27.2011 08:22 PM

they need to reissue washing machine as an ep it's pretty spotty as a full length album so a 4lp would be mind bogglingly bad

Torn Curtain 10.28.2011 04:52 AM

Tom Waits - Bad as me (on NPR's first listen)

stu666 10.28.2011 09:29 AM

Sonic Youth - 1990-08-17 - Mildred Pierce!

EVOLghost 10.28.2011 09:52 AM

FUUUUUUG! ^ nice dood!

Pelle 10.28.2011 10:44 AM

My favourite band all categories..

Torn Curtain 10.28.2011 11:22 AM

Nine Inch Nails' cover of U2's Zoo Station (here).

Really good.

Torn Curtain 10.28.2011 11:41 AM

Nick Drake - Pink moon

batreleaser 10.28.2011 02:43 PM

real estate's new album. its kinda good in a mediocre sort of way.

dirty bunny 10.28.2011 03:11 PM

The Argument- Fugazi

EVOLghost 10.28.2011 03:28 PM

The Destroyed ROom

noisereductions 10.28.2011 04:05 PM


Originally Posted by EVOLghost
The Destroyed ROom


dirty bunny 10.28.2011 04:36 PM

The King of Limbs- Radiohead

EVOLghost 10.28.2011 05:13 PM

Ummm....after SY was Blonde Redhead(Misery is Butterfly), then Melt banana 7'', now it's dark side of teh moon. I can only listen to Vinyl....cause my computer's audio driver vanished....I don't know why..

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