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sarramkrop 06.15.2007 08:58 PM

I will, thanks.

She hasn't got a clue what Starbucks or Sonic Youth are, and a happier person than us saddos she is.

Rob Instigator 06.15.2007 09:58 PM


I hope they sell a TON, make enough money to keep putting out their own records since they will be leaving geffen, and get a lifetime of free coffee.

and that paul mccartney commercial where he is dancing is just fucking insane horrible!

i am enjoying my life.

Everyneurotic 06.15.2007 10:14 PM

sonic youth suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

Magic Wheel Memory 06.16.2007 12:38 AM


Originally Posted by Richard Pryor on Fire
I don't know if I really believe this, even if they wanted to do you think Sonic Youth has a big enough following for it to have a presence at Starbucks? Paul Macartney vs Lee Ranaldo?

I don't think it matters. Starbucks put out a record by Antigone Rising. Who the hell are they?

CHOUT 06.16.2007 12:41 AM

I hope they sell some too, can't help but be interested in the song pics from the different folks...but I'm holding in my cynicism a bit right now, I must admit.

Green Magnesium 06.16.2007 01:19 AM

I've never, in all my life, enjoyed coffee of any kind. Looks like I'll be heading to the local Starbucks for a cookie or muffin or something in the near future.

pbradley 06.16.2007 01:32 AM

Sonic Yuppies?

something 06.16.2007 01:50 AM

it's the end of the world as we know it and i dont feel fine

Moshe 06.16.2007 01:56 AM

I don't care where SY release their music as long as I can buy it.
Starbucks didn't make it in Israel though. Israeli coffee preferred their local cafe shops.

finding nobody 06.16.2007 02:25 AM

I wonder what Beck's favorite SY song is

screamingskull 06.16.2007 03:19 AM

self obsessed and sexxeee

the ikara cult 06.16.2007 07:41 AM

I dont like chain Coffee Shops of any kind, irrespective of globalisation. They just do my head in.
I dont believe this is true, it makes no sense from Starbucks' point of view.

Georgekrz 06.16.2007 09:07 AM

so a mix cd of songs chosen by some musicians, i dont get the hostility in this thread...

and you know what starbucks was a godsend, because one thing that was lacking in usa was coffee shops, like you have in europe. yeah i know its not the same as some cafe in paris but better than nothing. thats my bit of social history / commentary.

Washing Machine 06.16.2007 10:24 AM

I drink in starbucks occasionally, well used too, now im 18, straight to the pub for me baby.

Anyway, I could protest, call them sellouts but what the fuck am I going to do, i'll end up buying the record anyway.

Everyneurotic 06.16.2007 12:52 PM

i hate them!!!!! what would arto lindsay think of them? what?!!!!

no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

sellouteater 06.16.2007 01:05 PM

god damn sellouts!!!

GrungeMonkey 06.16.2007 02:41 PM

I can't believe they're doing this. Whats happening to them?

hansjoakim 06.16.2007 03:10 PM

i don't believe it. thurston's joking.

::fingers crossed::

GrungeMonkey 06.16.2007 03:15 PM


Originally Posted by hansjoakim
i don't believe it. thurston's joking.

::fingers crossed::

Surely he must be. I know they are touring DDN to make a bit more money, but surely they are not that desperate?

Danny Himself 06.16.2007 03:15 PM

It's really not that big of a deal whether they do it or not.

It's Starbucks. A coffee shop. It's not like they're putting the cd out on a label funded by Exxon or Halliburton.

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