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wellcharge 04.11.2009 03:41 PM

vampire can't-the rat

Antagon 04.11.2009 03:47 PM


wellcharge 04.11.2009 03:48 PM

petar ralchev-from somewhere in thrace

SeventhDay 04.11.2009 04:08 PM

stereochrist - live like a man, die like a god

SeventhDay 04.11.2009 04:15 PM

There are some really cool people on here. cant say I find them anywhere around here (SC).

Antagon 04.11.2009 04:15 PM


SYRFox 04.11.2009 04:20 PM


stu666 04.11.2009 04:25 PM


terminal pharmacy 04.11.2009 04:53 PM


Originally Posted by wellcharge
the klezmatics-Klezmatic Fantasy: Der yidischer soldat in die Trentches

klezma music i'm assuming?

stu666 04.11.2009 04:59 PM


SYRFox 04.11.2009 05:36 PM


automatic bzooty 04.11.2009 05:44 PM


you're gonna dieeeee!

i needta get that ecstatic peace set one of these days...

_slavo_ 04.11.2009 06:13 PM


Sonic Youth 37 04.11.2009 08:22 PM


noisereductions 04.11.2009 08:25 PM


Originally Posted by SYRFox

what is this? Artwork's amazing.

noisereductions 04.11.2009 08:26 PM


Originally Posted by Sonic Youth 37

not his best. Again, tell me you have DOWNFALL.

Sonic Youth 37 04.11.2009 08:47 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
not his best. Again, tell me you have DOWNFALL.

Negative. Just Scars and this

noisereductions 04.11.2009 08:51 PM

Do yourself a favor, and get this masterpiece:

SuperCreep 04.11.2009 09:56 PM


Sonic Youth 37 04.11.2009 10:07 PM


Expanded version

joe11121 04.11.2009 10:07 PM

Radiohead - The Best Of
Well really, watching the DVD, but same thing.

noisereductions 04.11.2009 10:13 PM


Originally Posted by Sonic Youth 37

Expanded version

yeah. Damn good. I'm still super-upset that "For Sale The Preston School Of Industry" had to be left off.

Sonic Youth 37 04.11.2009 11:33 PM


Cycle - Induce

automatic bzooty 04.12.2009 12:28 AM


Ambulance Blues.

Death & the Maiden 04.12.2009 02:59 AM


Youth_Against_Facism 04.12.2009 03:02 AM


wellcharge 04.12.2009 04:20 AM


Originally Posted by terminal pharmacy
klezma music i'm assuming?

indeed, very underrated genre

Youth_Against_Facism 04.12.2009 06:48 AM


atsonicpark 04.12.2009 07:07 AM

wellcharge, you like klezmer?

I fucking LOVE klezmer. Rabbinical School Dropouts for the win!!

wellcharge 04.12.2009 07:35 AM

if you don't have it you should get

it's the klezmer brass allstars collision with egyptian and gypsy bands, it's pretty cacophonous

atsonicpark 04.12.2009 07:38 AM

don't have that, I have some other frank london stuff though. Will have to check out.

noisereductions 04.12.2009 08:35 AM


Originally Posted by automatic bzooty

Ambulance Blues.

damn good

me. 04.12.2009 08:42 AM


stu666 04.12.2009 09:04 AM

The Jesus Lizard - Puss

noisereductions 04.12.2009 09:14 AM


Originally Posted by me.

my favorite Jim O album

noisereductions 04.12.2009 09:14 AM

Luke Winslow-King - Old/New Baby

Derek 04.12.2009 09:31 AM

coaltar of the deepers - come over to the deepend

Derek 04.12.2009 09:38 AM

sadesper record - externalization

coaltar of the deepers side project

automatic bzooty 04.12.2009 09:56 AM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
damn good

Indeed. I feel like an idiot for overlooking Neil Young until recently.


Sunday always seems to move so slow to me.

stu666 04.12.2009 10:17 AM


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