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TheDom 11.05.2006 09:01 PM

Unrest - Malcom X Park

how come no one told me about this band?

sonic sphere 11.06.2006 06:53 AM

dr. john- the best of

jimbrim 11.06.2006 09:16 AM


GravitySlips 11.06.2006 11:10 AM

June of '44 - Engine Takes to Water

jon boy 11.06.2006 11:13 AM

mv/ee and the bummer road live in philly. bought it at the show last night.

nicfit 11.06.2006 12:24 PM

public warning! - lady sovereign.
I like it.
I don't like the track "public warning".
Ironic, isn't it?

drrrtyboots 11.06.2006 05:55 PM

Psychic Ills - Dins

Hip Priest 11.06.2006 06:48 PM

A podcast of BBC Radio 3's 'Early Music Show', hosted by Lucie Skeaping.

porkmarras 11.06.2006 06:56 PM


It's been a while and i'm feeling indie today.If a song like 'The Sad Witch' was by Pavement i wouldn't like it but that's because i have double standards.

Iain 11.06.2006 07:13 PM

NNCK - Letters From the Earth.

Good late night gunk.

porkmarras 11.06.2006 07:20 PM

Oh let's sing this one together!

Breathing new life in to the sad witch and she promised me three wishes and all I
wish is she should remain here.
A poisonous saint with a brittle, crippled frame and she fooled me with her motherly
gestures, my only guess is she’s misguided.

Savage Clone 11.06.2006 07:36 PM


Everyneurotic 11.06.2006 08:02 PM


Originally Posted by Savage Clone

that album always remind me of sepultura

k-krack 11.06.2006 08:06 PM

Beck- Odelay
(it fucking rocks ass, too. I love finding good cds at hock shops! One time I found a Fall cd!!! [But they lost the fucking disc, so I couldn't buy it!])

noisemachine 11.06.2006 08:12 PM

Pavement - Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels

nomadicfollower 11.06.2006 08:23 PM


Originally Posted by noisemachine
Pavement - Wowee Zowee: Sordid Sentinels

How is this?

Пятхъдесят Шест 11.06.2006 09:05 PM


noisemachine 11.06.2006 11:07 PM


Originally Posted by nomadicfollower
How is this?

I like it a lot so far, in fact theres a thread about it in here somewhere that I just added to about it. I've listend once so far, and its pretty much on par with the other pavement reissues as far as extras go. Well worth the $15.

Cantankerous 11.06.2006 11:19 PM


HaydenAsche 11.06.2006 11:33 PM

ATDI - Vaya

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