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the ikara cult 03.22.2014 02:44 PM


Gulasch Noir 03.22.2014 03:57 PM

lo-fi suicide 03.22.2014 07:34 PM

samuel 03.22.2014 07:51 PM


an evening with viewtiful 03.23.2014 09:44 PM


I truly don't understand where some of the animosity for this man and his music comes from. This is one of those albums that I don't even feel the need to explain, yet it would appear that love for it is far from universal. Odd.

pad_023 03.24.2014 10:23 PM

Kraftwerk live in 1970 with Dinger from Neu on drums, incredible. Hard to believe they disowned their pre autobahn material.

an evening with viewtiful 03.24.2014 10:37 PM



Nice to have on, wish there was a tad bit more depth though.

Bytor Peltor 03.25.2014 08:15 AM


Rob Instigator 03.25.2014 08:32 AM

what is that thing viewtiful?

I have been listening to this

Bytor Peltor 03.25.2014 01:06 PM

^^^how do you like it?


an evening with viewtiful 03.25.2014 06:06 PM


Originally Posted by Rob Instigator
what is that thing viewtiful?

It's an album called Half The Places You Live by Gold Panda.

It's non-danceable electronic music influenced by the images and sounds of different cities. Like I said, it's not as deep or interesting as you'd want that sort of project to be, but it's a nice listen if you like that sort of thing.

an evening with viewtiful 03.25.2014 07:58 PM


On vinyl

an evening with viewtiful 03.25.2014 08:56 PM



Both on vinyl, both stellar genre exercises

an evening with viewtiful 03.26.2014 07:22 PM


Is there any better way to hear this sort of album than on 180 gram vinyl?

foreverasskiss 03.26.2014 09:08 PM

viewtiful, you should check out Sound System by Herbie. it's cheessy in a good way with some funky tracks on it. in particular something i can't recall. electro funk.

er maybe it's the album before this. whatever they all have jams

pony 03.26.2014 09:10 PM

3:10 am

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 03.26.2014 09:16 PM


Originally Posted by an evening with viewtiful


Is there any better way to hear this sort of album than on 180 gram vinyl?

Can't beat that Bobby Womack yo!

foreverasskiss 03.26.2014 10:12 PM

Parliament---Motor Booty Affair

foreverasskiss 03.27.2014 10:30 PM

Isaac Hayes_____hot buttered soul

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Rob Instigator 03.28.2014 08:27 AM



I always come back to UNSANE, especially this first album and the Singles collection. One of the pride and joys of my collection is that I have the first 6 Unsane 7" singles, all first press, all sound AMAZIng.

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