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Everyneurotic 04.10.2006 07:18 PM

The Bootlegs Share/Trade Thread
ok, this is for LIVE AND RARE uploads by bands other than sonic youth. in order to be kosher with chabib and the board. IF YOU WANT AN OFFICIAL ALBUM, you may request it but you CAN'T POST THE LINKS TO THE THREAD OR THE BOARD IN GENERAL. thanks.
NOTE: when posting a request, people will assume that you are requesting a live show, unless you specify otherwise.

so this is how it works, you post a list of artists' you are looking stuff for and if you see something you have and can share with the board, you can upload it like this:

goto (in IE, ftp clients or windows explorer (my computer) and then to files -> music and boom drag and drop bitch

keep it organized by artist like it is

goto link to your file and paste it here


go to one of the following file sharing sites (i appreciate if people recommend us more sites) and upload the file (they should be .zip compressed file): (even though, i don't recommend it)

also, try to help people, if someone can't get a file for a reason, try to upload it again in another site.

if you don't want to upload/download stuff but are willing to trade via mail: post your list or request something and ask to get in touch via pm or email.

now let's share!

Everyneurotic 04.10.2006 07:20 PM

ok, this one is from the top of my head right now, i will complete it in a few:

radiohead (especially from the bends tour)
bardo pond
yo la tengo
lightning bolt
bad brains
pavement (especially from the crooked rain era)
flaming lips

golden child 04.10.2006 07:24 PM


im requesting some yamantaka eye videos
the boredoms
naked city


TheDom 04.10.2006 07:26 PM

live Neutral Milk Hotel/Jeff Mangum.
live Polvo
and live Grateful Dead. I know there are literally millions of bootlegs from them, but I don't want to tackle all of it. If someone could just recommend some live material it'd be great. I've been really into their studio stuff but heard they were better live

Everyneurotic 04.10.2006 07:27 PM

already noted on the first post, golden child

for some reason, i forgot about your server; i think i'll upload some boredoms in a little

golden child 04.10.2006 07:31 PM


another request, this is for a studio album

acid mothers temple/afrirampo - acid mothers afrirampo

Everyneurotic 04.10.2006 07:36 PM

i can fulfill that one too, i'll pm you the link when i get it

EDIT::i'm such an idiot, i will upload it straight to your server

hey alex 04.10.2006 09:31 PM

i can up jeff mangum live at aquarius records, want it?

golden child 04.10.2006 11:26 PM

this is wolf eyes and anthony braxton live in victoriaville.
it came up awhile ago and people showed interest so here it is...

marleypumpkin 04.11.2006 12:00 AM

Damn Kegmama. You've seen some fucking awesome shows. The Melvins were rumored to be playing here in Knoxville a while back, but it was just that, a rumor. As always.

!@#%$! 04.11.2006 12:37 AM

Anyone got some Thrice, Thursday, or Hey Mercedes bootlegs?

soniknirve 04.11.2006 12:38 AM

i have Nirvana - 08-30-92 Reading Festival (Complete Pro Shot) dvd if anyone wants to do a snail trade...

Everyneurotic 04.11.2006 12:29 PM

thanks kegmama for the melvins!!!!!

i will upload the boredom's victoriaville '05 show as soon as possible, i've tried upping it yesterday but it was taking too long, plus i need to do some reuploads first...don't worry, i will have it up

!@#$%!: dude, i was going to upload some thursday, how would you like that, har har har!!!

by the way, kegma, i did read your list of sabbath stuff, i thought you meant you had live stuff. i have a couple of those albums

sonikold 04.11.2006 12:52 PM

wolfeyes/anthony braxton is sweet...

"thurston wants to talk about star wars"

Everyneurotic 04.11.2006 12:54 PM


Originally Posted by sonikold
wolfeyes/anthony braxton is sweet...

"thurston wants to talk about star wars"

probably the best wolf eyes ever

sonikold 04.11.2006 04:37 PM

it's pretty chilled out for them... when i saw them i thought they were going to try to kill the entire audience...

Everyneurotic 04.11.2006 05:46 PM


Colisee Des Bois Francs
Victoriaville QC
May 23, 2005

mp3 VBR


sonikold 04.11.2006 05:48 PM

fuck yeah! thank you!

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 04.11.2006 06:24 PM


Originally Posted by golden child

this is wolf eyes and anthony braxton live in victoriaville.
it came up awhile ago and people showed interest so here it is...

nice one man. Its worth the slow download.

golden child 04.11.2006 06:27 PM

is it real slow?

ill try and optimize it...

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